Today’s Highlights: Kendrick Lamar Leads Grammy Nominations | Happy Hanukkah | Gifts Under $50

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The Trials of Kendrick Lamar

With the official Grammy 2016 nominations list now published, Kendrick Lamar leads the pack with 11 nominations. Look back on Lamar’s interview with Rolling Stone, where he discusses his journey from Compton loner to the most exciting newcomer on the hip-hop scene.


 The Festival of Lights Begins

To celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah, we’ve put together the perfect collection, complete with sweet and savory recipes, DIY table decor, and more. Start with “Let There Be Latkes” in Bon Appétitthen head into the Categories section of your Texture app for more holiday goodness.


Great Gifts Under $50

Polish off your list in one fell swoop (and treat yourself for being a smart saver) with gifts under $50 from Redbook. Remember, you can also save up to $50 on Texture gift subscriptions this holiday season. Snag the deal here!

Season’s Readings from Texture!

Ever wish you had a holiday elf to help you with your endless to-do list? Well, now you’ve got something even better: Texture. In our Holiday Headquarters, you’ll find the tastiest recipes, the merriest cocktails and the brightest gift ideas (yes, even for your humbuggy tween!).


Here are a few easy ways to unwrap the holiday content in the app:

• Visit our Ultimate 2015 Holiday Guide on the Highlights screen. We’re regularly updating our savvy shopping suggestions, holiday party how-tos and Hanukkah hacks, as well as the latest on the season’s hottest flicks (can anyone say Star Wars?).

• Use the app’s search function to peruse more than 100 magazine gift guides. Shopping for someone or something specific? Narrow that down further, to “gift guide tech” or “gift guide home.”

• In Categories, choose Holiday Headquarters to discover our carefully curated Collections, such as “The Best Holiday Brunch,” “How to Deck the Halls” and “Cookie Countdown.”

So make Santa jealous. Plan your holiday with Texture.

– The Texture Team


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Holiday HQ

30 Holiday Cookie Hacks

Rachael Ray Every Day

These clever tips, easy twists and genius time-savers will have you baking like a pro, even if you’re a cookie rookie.

Gilty Party

Marie Claire

Festive makeup and fragrances, confessions of a hair color “virgin,” and the latest overseas beauty secrets hitting the states.

If Your Christmas Tree Could Talk


…It would give you these pined-for tips and tricks.

Family Fun for the Holidays


Three festive, feel-good activities you can do with your kids this season.

Gift Guides

Tech Buyer's Guide: Latest & Greatest


The top gifts selected by CNET just as the magazine went to press.

Holiday Gifts Inspired By Music Icons


Turn to some of music’s best-dressed icons for “what to give” inspiration this season.

49 Perfect Presents

Good Housekeeping

Picks for every personality on your list, from the earthy boho to the stylish minimalist.

Gifts Under $10

Do-It-Yourself Magazine

Stay on budget this season with easy-to-make gifts you can whip up in an afternoon.

Today’s Highlights: World AIDS Day | Your Holiday HQ | Early Access: Where to Go in 2016

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Honoring World AIDS Day

34 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and every year since 1988, December 1 has been a day of mourning and reflection over lives lost and hope for the future. Today, we honor this day with powerful stories on those living with the virus and potential cures. Start with “The Man Who Could Not Get Aids” from New York Magazine, then explore the rest in your the ‘World AIDS Day’ collection on the Highlights page.


Welcome to Your Holiday Headquarters

Can you believe it’s December already? Though the year seemed to fly by, we’re here to make sure you’re ready for everything from gifting to baking to decorating and more. Explore the Holiday Headquarters from the Categories section of your Texture app. Today’s featured story: ’30 Holiday Cookie Hacks’ from Rachael Ray Every Day.


Early Access: Where to Go in 2016

Listen up, travel junkies. These are the 16 buzziest destination you need to know next year, including France’s new capital of culture, a revived Hawaiian hideaway, and Mexico’s next great arts city. Get the Travel + Leisure list early in Texture.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Texture Team


It’s a Thanksgiving tradition. Every November, the Texture team gathers for an epic potluck feast. And of course, all of the delicious recipes can be found in the Texture app.

Keep scrolling for some of the best turkey day recipes we tried and tap the links to find them in the app. Not yet a member? Start your free trial today.


Brussels Sprout Leaves with Chorizo and Toasted Almonds from Bon Appétit

These scrumptious sprouts have been a Texture favorite for the past two Thanksgivings, and are sure to make an appearance in the years to come. Once you’ve trimmed and halved the sprouts, anyone from a football-watching spouse to a child with passable motor skills can separate the leaves. Time to delegate! Get the recipe.


Classic Cranberry Sauce from Food Network Magazine

What’s any Thanksgiving feast without a side of cranberries? We looked to Food Network Magazine for this delicious sauce and some riffs on the classic—Cranberry-Apple Chutney and Jalapeño Cranberry Sauce included. Get the recipes.


Cheddar-Chive Biscuits from Woman’s Day

Fluffy, savory, and cheesy, these biscuits were another second-time guest at the Texture Thanksgiving potluck. Even better, they can be made ahead of time and frozen for up to three months—all it takes is 10 minutes to reheat. Get the recipe.


Buttermilk Cardamom Pie from Better Homes and Gardens

Silky texture. A flurry of sweet spice. And one elegant update to the classic. This new take on pumpkin pie was a major hit at Texture! Get the recipe.

Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

– The Texture Team

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Friendsgiving Success!

Every year, Texture staffer Corrie Keegan hosts a “Friendsgiving” before everyone heads out of town to their family celebrations. This year, she found great recipes—and last-minute saves!—in the app. Last weekend she fed 15…scratch that…17 hungry pals and roommates, cooking only dishes she found in Texture. Here’s what Corrie had to say about making Thanksgiving happen with a little help from her favorite food magazines:

Cake in TS Feed
The Thanksgiving Headquarters, where I found quite a few of my recipes.

With so many great features and articles in the app, Texture is a daily destination for me—but it was also the most helpful tool in my kitchen this past Sunday as I hosted my yearly Friends-Thanksgiving.

These past few weeks, I’ve had little time to properly plan a sit-down dinner for 15, so I’ve been sneaking in recipe planning on the go. While on the train to a wedding, I browsed the latest issues in the Thanksgiving Headquarters category for inspiration.

Cranberries Found in Search
There were lots of requests for the Classic Cranberry Sauce I made last year. I found the recipe in the app.

As I traveled to a friend’s engagement party, I used Search to find the heavily requested Classic Cranberry Sauce from last year’s November issue of Food Network Magazine.

There are dozens of mouth-watering recipes (Mexican Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, anyone?) and ideas saved in my Thanksgiving collection in My Library, and having my final recipes all in one place made food shopping and day-of prep a breeze. Texture played the role of Thanksgiving sous chef: It was so easy to flip through the recipes to write a grocery list, and my friends were able to pull up the same recipes in the app on their devices, so they could offer cooking assistance.

This last-minute mango & pumpkin spice cake was a huge hit. Definitely making it again.

As with all major holidays, you can never plan for the unexpected—in my case, more guests than originally expected. This left a potential dessert shortage one day before go-time! But no reason to worry, as Saturday-morning browsing in the Thanksgiving Headquarters feed on my Highlights screen led me to Pierre Thiam’s Mango & Pumpkin Spice Cake, featured in “A Brooklyn Holiday with the Flavors Of Senegal” in the November 2015 issue of Saveur. It was easy to make and beautifully presented, with the perfect combination of Thanksgiving flavors. My guests thought it was the centerpiece of the meal all along—and now it’s saved in My Collections, so I won’t have to search for it next November.

My Colleciton Photo
Recipes I saved in My Collections.

Friends Thanksgiving is always hectic and always a little down-to-the-wire, but we pulled it off! Can’t wait for next year.


See more of Corrie’s favorite articles and recipes below. From your phone or tablet, click a link or image to open the article in the app. You can find thousands more recipes, kitchen hacks, decorating ideas and everything else you need for the holiday in Texture’s Thanksgiving Headquarters.

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Happy cooking!

Turkey, Gravy & Dressing

Cooking Light

From Side to Side

Food Network Magazine

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving

Southern Living

Mexican Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

Better Homes & Gardens

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Make-Ahead Dishes

Spend the holiday with your loved ones, not the stove, by cooking ahead

Let’s face it—as wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it’s also a ton of work to prepare multiple dishes, most of which have to be on the table at the same moment. The chef is usually trapped in the kitchen while family and friends hang out together in the other room, which can be…unfulfilling.

But what if there were a way to prepare an abundant and delicious meal while also getting to enjoy the day? What if hosting didn’t have to mean kitchen exile? Well, there is, and it doesn’t, because Southern Living has finally cracked the hosting code with “Make-Ahead Thanksgiving”!

IMG_2491[1]With these yummy recipes and strategic planning tips, you can cook in advance and feel as relaxed as a guest at your own gathering. They’ve covered it all, from Parsnip-Potato Soup to Dry-Brined-and-Marinated-Smoked Turkey to Slow-Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Bacon, and so much more. You’ve got one week to get a head start. Fire up the oven, get thee to the cutting board, and get ready to spend next Thursday feeling grateful, not frazzled.

We’ll be posting a recipe (or group of recipes) here every day until November 26. Click on the photo or link on your phone or tablet to see this article in the app, and check back tomorrow for more!

Not a subscriber yet? Click for a free trial.

Happy cooking!

Count Down to Thanksgiving with Texture: Side Dishes

Veggie sides delicious enough to steal the show!

File Nov 18, 3 37 03 PM

Today we look at the part of the meal that may secretly be everyone’s favorite: the side dishes. Yes, turkey is amazing. Yes, stuffing is scrumptious. But the sides are where variety, family tradition, cultural nuances and creativity come in.

We say let the sides shine with these seriously delicious recipes from Vegetarian Times: Seared French Beans with Hazelnut Picada, Mushroom-Miso Gravy, Winter Squash and Root Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie, Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi, and so many more.

Tap the photo or link on your phone or tablet to go right to the article in the app, and remember to come back tomorrow for more! Every day until November 26, we’ll select one fantastic recipe (or set of recipes)—from new and archived issues of your favorite magazines—and link to it here.

For more divine dishes, plus loads of hosting tips, wine pairings, holiday cocktails and table decor ideas, check out our Thanksgiving Headquarters in the app. iOS users can find it in the Categories bar at the top of the Highlights screen. Not a subscriber yet? Click for your free trial.

Until tomorrow, happy cooking!


Count Down to Thanksgiving with a Recipe a Day!

Master a classic stuffing recipe, then riff away

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just days away. Wait—it’s okay! Breathe! Texture is here to help!

Whether you’re still in the early meal-planning stages or just fine-tuning the pie selection, you’ll find thousands of searchable holiday recipes in the app (type “sweet potato recipe” into the search bar, and you get 1,238 results!).

Every day until November 26, we’ll select one fantastic recipe—from new and archived issues of your favorite magazines—and link to it here. Today, we bring you the Ed McMahon/Andy Richter/Paul Shaffer of the holiday—the dish that never gets top billing, but that’s as crucial to the Thanksgiving experience as the turkey itself: the stuffing.

File Nov 17, 3 09 08 PM

There’s no better place to start than with Bon Appétit‘s classic bread stuffing recipe. The magazine has created a handy matrix with the core recipe, plus a range of additions for freestyling based on your tastes (bacon or chorizo or both? maybe oysters? how about cranberries, hazelnuts and leeks for the vegetarians?). This dish is a classic for a reason: It’s no-fail, endlessly adaptable, fast and, most important, delicious.

For recipes, hosting tips, wine pairings, holiday cocktails, table decor ideas and so much more, check out our Thanksgiving Headquarters, which iOS users can find in the Categories bar at the top of the Highlights screen.

With Texture by your side, you’ll be shopping, chopping and feeling thankful in no time.

Not a subscriber yet? Click for your free trial.

Your Thanksgiving HQ: Discover Thousands of Turkey Day Recipes, Tips and Ideas

Once upon a time, we snipped Thanksgiving recipes from our favorite magazines and stashed them away, page by crinkled, food-stained page, until the next November.

Now there’s a better way. Texture Members, welcome to your Thanksgiving Headquarters. Read on for ways to discover the best turkey-day tips inside the app. Not yet a member? Claim your free trial.  

Texture Thanksgiving HQ

Whether it’s the ultimate stuffing, the most divine pie, or the juiciest turkey (from classic to deep-fried and spicy), the best content from the finest food magazines is available in Texture. Here are four fun ways you can plan a stress-free and scrumptious holiday using the Texture app.

1) Explore our special Thanksgiving Headquarters. Tap Categories on the bottom navigation bar, then Thanksgiving Headquarters in the Category menu that appears across the top.

Texture Thanksgiving HQ

2) Use the Search bar to find any other Thanksgiving topic you’re seeking. You can harvest a bounty of recipes tested by experts (there are 1,290 results for “sweet potato recipe” alone!), handy how-tos, no-stress hosting tips, wine pairings, cocktail ideas and table décor DIYs.

3) Build your own Collections to organize and store your most beloved dishes right in the app, then simply tap to pull them up when you need them again. (To create personalized Collections, select My Library on the bottom navigation bar, then My Collections in the menu bar at the top, then New Collection.)

4) Tap to read. We’ve highlighted two of our Thanksgiving Collections below. Tap the article titles from your tablet or phone to read right away. Check back in the app daily to gobble up more great menu ideas, savvy cooking tips and easy ways to truly enjoy the holiday!

– The Texture Team

Home & Table

Give Thanks In Style

Today's Parent

Pulling off a memorable Thanksgiving meal doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same traditions year after year. Get inspired by these four looks for your table, delicious celebrity chef recipes, and DIY ideas that every family will love.

Autumnal Gathering


Forget formality – celebrate food, family and friends with a rustic, homegrown Thanksgiving feast as beautiful as it is delicious.

O Beautiful...

Martha Stewart Living

Baskets’ natural materials bring a rich palette and subtle texture to any setting, and their familiar shapes have a rustic charm. So gather a few and use Martha Stewart Living‘s easy, inexpensive craft ideas to weave them into your holiday décor.

White Plate Special

Real Simple

With some artful accents and clever styling tricks, your basic dishes (yep, the ones that usually serve up spaghetti) can help create a remarkable Thanksgiving table.

Family Dynamics

The New Vegetarian's Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving

Vegetarian Times

Heading home for Thanksgiving as a newbie vegetarian? No need to fear the meat-eaters. Here, seasoned vegetarians offer do’s and don’ts.

Family Holiday Survival Guide


Find out how to handle these complicated situations so the only thing you’ll need to worry about is your after-dinner nap.

A Thankful Attitude

Better Homes and Gardens

During the holidays, it’s easy to be grateful for family and friends, and everything we have, but how do you help kids give thanks year-round? Use this age-by-age guide as a starting point.

Have a Happier Holiday


We all want to enjoy the holiday season, but so many factors conspire to make it feel more horror than ho-ho-ho. Parents magazine gives you strategies to get through – and even enjoy – the season.

The Turkey

A Turkey for Every Type

Bon Appétit

Every November, Bon Appétit fields countless calls and emails about Thanksgiving quandaries. They’re here to help—starting with the no. 1 question: what to do about that (kinda boring) bird?

Turkey, Gravy & Dressing

Cooking Light

Foolproof techniques will help you perfect the holy trinity of the Thanksgiving table.

The Turkey

Southern Living

Embrace big flavors and start your own new turkey tradition this year with seven bold fresh takes on the classic roast.

Let's Talk Turkey

Weight Watchers

A simple, no-fail guide to making the best Thanksgiving bird ever.