The Fall Fashion Face-Off

Every magazine junkie knows that the September fashion issues are the biggest, heaviest, and glossiest of the year. So we decided to see how five of them stacked up – counting everything from how many pages they have to how often Kendall Jenner appears.

For non-Next Issue subscribers, we looked at how much they cost and weigh (almost 15lbs between them!), but if you start a free trial you can enjoy all of these magazines on your smartphone or tablet without having to lug any extra weight around. And with our new bookmarking feature you can save all your fall wardrobe inspiration in one place.

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[Infographic] Magazines, the places we’ve been

On April 4th, 2012, Next Issue introduced the only app to offer unlimited access to all your favorite magazines. Here at Next Issue, we dubbed that first version “Apollo,” and every year on “Apollo Day,” we like to take a look back at just how far we’ve come—from 32 titles and one supported device in 2012 to 145+ titles, 6 supported devices, and tons of new and exciting features in 2015.

Build on a past of constant evolution, we’ve got big plans for the future of magazines. Keep watching, and keep reading!


INFOGRAPHIC: The Solution To Your Spookiest Magazine Nightmares

Let’s talk about our biggest fears. For some people it’s spiders. For others it’s that dark corner of the closet or the space under the bed. For others yet, it’s the horror movie monster that never fails to spring to mind any time you walk down a deserted alleyway.

For Next Issue readers…a whole slew of haunting magazine nightmares are now a thing of the past. We shudder to think about the days of wasted trees, cluttered homes, pricey print subscriptions, and heavy carry-on bags.

Check out the infographic of all the things that have us shaking in our boots this Halloween.

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Infographic: The Next Issue app solves your spookiest Halloween problems

The (R)Evolution of Digital Magazines [Infographic]

We think hitting the 100-title mark (AND going to Canada) is an apt time to look back on how far we’ve come as an industry since Next Issue started scooping up the best digital magazines in the world just a few years ago. This nostalgic interlude kicks off new availability of more than 100 titles for our Canadian brethren at Rogers Media starting today (including Canada-based publications like Maclean’s, Canada’s only current affairs weekly, and the beloved women’s media brand, Chatelaine).

Here, we’ve briefly summed up the evolution of magazines, from Gutenberg’s printing press that made it all possible, to the game-changing iPad. Take a scroll through the ages, and be sure to share it with your friends and loved ones by clicking any of the social buttons at the top of this post.

It’s evident that magazines haven’t just adapted and evolved to meet the needs of their readers, they have undergone—and are still in the middle of—a revolution. The technologies and innovations of the digital age challenged media to keep up with the ever-growing demand for anytime-anywhere content. Magazines not only rose to the occasion, but now offer their readers an unprecedented immersive experience on just about any platform available (a Next Issue-and-tablet combination is obviously the best way to see this).

Whatever is next for magazines (pop-up-book-style info-holographics, anyone? We’re looking at you, Wired), history stands to prove the only direction from here is forward. 

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Make every day Earth Day with Next Issue

When you read a digital magazine with Next Issue, you’re part of a movement to make every day Earth Day. You save trees, energy, chemicals and waste.

We’ve put together an infographic to illustrate the impact you and all other digital readers make every day.

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Happy Earth Day. Every day.

– The Next Issue Team