Early Access! Women of the White House in the November Issue of ‘Essence’

Essence Women of the White HouseRead it here today—a week early! Essence magazine’s November issue features the “dynamic” women who keep President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their administration running smoothly.

Twenty-nine staffers gathered for a photo shoot in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building—the youngest only 23 (Jordan Metoyer, assistant to the deputy director and senior advisor to the Office of Management & Budget Director), and one with the coolest title ever: press assistant and senior wrangler (Desiree Barnes, 27). They all share a common trait, says Chynna Clayton, 27, Michelle Obama’s special assistant and trip director: “The White House is composed of people who are passionate about the country.”

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Guest Curator Neil Binkley: the best photography & design in Next Issue now

Next Issue says: Hope you enjoy Neil’s unique insights on photojournalism, cover design, and ads!

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Hi, I’m Neil Binkley. As a Photography Consultant and Designer, I’m constantly immersed in the world of magazines.

The consultant side of me helps commercial photographers (the ones who shoot for Rolling Stone, TIME, and pretty much every magazine in Next Issue) curate their portfolios. My designer side is what compelled me to start BINKLEY+, a creative collaboration with artists of all stripes.

I’ve always loved magazines, and Next Issue is like the key to the candy store. I’m endlessly curious about travel ideas, interior design, politics, cooking, plus a good story like what you’d find inside The New Yorker. Magazines also provide me a ton of research material on everything from layouts to typography to color combinations.

I used to go to the big bookstores and pore over magazine covers, leaving with a few issues each time. Now, Next Issue allows me to consume everything imaginable—without the added cost and waste. One other, major advantage: all of the cool digital features like links to websites, video and animation, and sharing articles easily with friends and colleagues. WIRED’s iPad edition is one of my all-time favorites!

These are the themes I chose to curate below. Happy Reading!

The Nonstop Photo Festival:

Next Issue is like a non-stop photo festival, showcasing the work of the world’s best photographers. Aside from the obvious, great photojournalistic work in National Geographic, other magazines known for having excellent photography include Vogue, WIRED, Dwell, ESPN, Bon Appétit, New York Magazine, and more.

I Heart Magazine Covers:

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, especially when it’s a magazine. I love magazine covers so much that I created a Pinterest board for them 3 yrs. ago.  They say something about the sophistication of their inside pages, and they have to do it so quickly while competing for shelf space. I tend to like ones that focus on big, bold images and not too much text.

There’s Beauty in Advertising:

Yeah, I said it. Some ads are actually artistic, employing great craft and creativity. Their creators often went to art school to be painters, illustrators and photographers. So why can’t their work sometimes be inspiring in ads, too?

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The Nonstop Photo Festival

Queen of the Court


Vogue consistently has some of the most classic fashion photography out there. It’s great that they continue to hire the inimitable Annie Leibovitz, who photographed tennis star Serena Williams for the cover story.

Alpha: What's Inside Jell-O Dessert


I was flipping through WIRED and this shot caught my eye. Some rare mineral? Broken glass? No: Jell-O. Apparently it’s mostly made of cowhide and sugar. Eww. Photo by Adam Voorhes.

Viewpoint: First Look

Architectural Digest

This stunning building under construction is LA’s new contemporary arts museum, simply called “Broad”. Those honeycomb-like holes are for “channeling indirect natural light to the interiors.” Photo by Iwan Baan.

LightBox: The 5 Best Pictures of the Week


From TIME’s “The 5 Best Pictures of the Week”, this wild shot of a joint drill between U.S. and South Korean forces to prepare for any problems with North Korea. Photo by Jung Yeon-Je.

I Heart Magazine Covers

Cover Story: Almost Niño


I admit to being a total wannabe surfer. I tried once and found it insanely difficult. But the freedom of the sport is so appealing, and this cover (shot in Mavericks, the Cali surf spot which inspired the Apple OS of the same name) is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I like the gold font, too.

Cover Story: Us & Them


Esquire’s current issue includes both the funny and the naked on their cover. So, that pretty much covers everything. Plus, I think Nick Offerman is a talented actor and comedian. Great, clean design.

Cover Story: Cycladic Ideal

Condé Nast Traveler

Why wouldn’t you want to just jump into this cover and start your vacation now? Condé Nast Traveler has always included elegant travel photography, and this destination in Greece looks pretty enticing.

Cover Story: Anne Dorval, Super Mommy

Chatelaine (French)

That’s right, it’s the “Mai” cover of this magazine for French speakers/readers. My high school French will only get me through the page numbers, but I loved this cover for it’s bold background color and striped subject. I also think it’s great that I can dip into Canadian culture, plus bone up on mon français. This woman is a proud Quebecois and film star, Anne Dorval.

There is Beauty in Advertising

Ad for Canada / Newfoundland Labrador / Air Canada

Travel + Leisure

“Inspiring boxes of crayons since 1497”. Get it, ’cause the buildings are so colorful? I love all the history and a travel aesthetic tied into one clever ad, and good copywriting for ads is an art in and of itself.

Ad for NARS Cosmetics

W Magazine

Tilda Swinton makes everything more dramatic, including this ad for NARS cosmetics—shot in a somewhat classic Dutch painter school of soft light.

Ad for Adidas

ESPN The Magazine

Sneaker ads have been cool to me ever since Nike took over the game. Adidas does nicely too, and this ad has some great color and 3D graphic fantasy elements to it. Extra credit for the crazy hashtag .

Ad for Brown Jordan

Architectural Digest

This ad for furniture designer Brown Jordan is a lighthearted view of outdoor chairs, showcasing them in all their colorful glory. Love the whimsy in this photo.

John Malkovich as Lennon, Warhol & More in Iconic Photo Series

John Malkovich Photo Exhibit
Photos by Sandro Miller, originally in Esquire

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Che Guevara’s iconic profile, Warhol’s famous celebrity silk screens, American Gothic. These are all the portraits we’ve seen time and time again…but this time there’s a twist.

Photographer Sandro Miller has embarked on an “homage to photographic masters,” and his subject is none other than the one-and-only John Malkovich. If you thought Malkovich was a chameleon on screen, just wait until you see the full collection, available in Esquire.

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