This Week’s Top 10: Melania Trump’s Family Secrets, Anthony Weiner’s Meltdown, and Tips to Save Your Money

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"The Bold One," Allure, June 2016
“The Bold One,” Allure, June 2016
  1. You won’t believe what you see when a psychologist peels back a layer and examines the extraordinary mind of Donald Trump.
  2. Meet Elizabeth, the other (more candid) Olsen.
  3. Weekend work list? Make the most of your space with tips from an artist and her husband.
  4. Get in on the gossip. Melania Trump dishes on her marriage and her politics.

    "Lady and the Trump," GQ, June 2016
    “Lady and the Trump,” GQ, June 2016
  5. What does New York Magazine critic David Edelman have to say about the Weiner documentary?  “We’re voyeurs at a grisly spectacle, a modern political tragicomedy… Poor Huma [Abedin]. Poor us.”
  6. Texture’s first exclusive book excerpt was a hit! What do you think of The Bridge Ladies? The true story of a mother and daughter who repair their broken relationship over the game of bridge.
  7. Good Housekeeping insists we get our color on! Spend your weekend giving these hot color combos a try.

    "Best Family Beach Vacations," Coastal Living, June 2016
    “Best Family Beach Vacations,” Coastal Living, June 2016
  8. The 5 ways you can train your brain to save… because who doesn’t want more money?
  9. School’s (almost) out for summer! A guide to the 5 best family beach vacations.
  10. Want to get your body ready for the beach and still be a total beach bum? Maybe these 10 foods will help you lose those pesky pounds.

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ICYMI: Growing up Biden, the Face of Fox News, and Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster.

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Talk about a triple threat! Jodie Foster, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts collab for the first time ever in their upcoming summer hit Money Monster.


"When Stars Align," Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016
“When Stars Align,” Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016

Has Megyn Kelly already won the 2016 election? And 11 other questions answered by the face of Fox News.

"12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly," TIME, May 23, 2016
“12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly,” TIME, May 23, 2016

The Supreme Court may be undecided on the ‘contraceptive mandate,’ but Marie Claire is unwavering in its pro-choice stance. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of their reproductive rights series.

"Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate," Marie Claire, June 2016
“Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate,” Marie Claire, June 2016

Step aside Gigi, is Bella the new “it” girl?

"BELLA," Elle, June 2016
“BELLA,” Elle, June 2016

In an exclusive interview with Popular MechanicsVice President Joe Biden and son Hunter discuss the tragic loss of  Beau Biden, the bond between the Veep and his kids, and what growing up Biden truly means. This is one of those stories that makes you want to hug your kids —or call you parents.

"One Unit, Right to the Very End," Popular Mechanics, June 2016
“One Unit, Right to the Very End,” Popular Mechanics, June 2016


15 Stories from 15 NEW Titles Including Clean Eating, Oxygen, Billboard, and CNET

Self-driving cars. Experiential travel. Mining on the moon. On the pages of our 15 newest titles, the future looks bright.

To celebrate their arrival, we’ve singled out a must-read story from every magazine that’s joined Next Issue since June. If you haven’t yet dipped into Clean Eating‘s healthy recipes, or turned to Sound & Vision for tech recommendations, don’t miss our suggestions below. And if you haven’t subscribed to Next Issue yet, start your free trial for unlimited access to all of these magazines, plus back issues, and our entire catalog of over 160 titles.

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September New Titles

Selling Self Driving. Fall 2015.
As part of their Automotive Issue, CNET looks into just how carmakers will convince you to trust your vehicle to do the driving.

Justin Bieber by Martha Stewart. August 2015.
The prince of pop is focused on cars, on stocks, on skating, on finding the best sound, and on making the best album possible.

The 58 Best Things About Music This Fall. September 5, 2015.
A guide to the industry’s busiest, best season, led by trendsetters aiming to reshape the mainstream and dominate the charts.

The Hollywood Reporter
Cranston the CommunistSeptember 11, 2015.
Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston prepares to play Dalton Trumbo, the screenwriter who had it all – wealth, fame, Oscars. Until he refused to name names for the House Un-American Activities Committee.


August New Titles

Media Plan of the Year Awards. September 7, 2015.
Celebrating 32 tech-savvy, creative, and innovative executions that killed it for their clients.

Our Ultimate Guide to Experiential Travel. August / September 2015.
Tips and tricks for every phase of your life, whether you’re a recent grad, newly in love, or ready to retire to the road.

Held, Free. October 2015.
Ellen Page and Julianne Moore join forces for a film that reflects progress, unity, and liberation. The timing couldn’t be better.


July New Titles

Firm Up Your Booty! September 2015.
No junk in your trunk? Fitness model and personal trainer Tabitha Klausen has your guaranteed booty-building solution.

Meet the Beer Legends. September / October 2015.
There’s no question you’ve tasted their beers. They have shaped the beer industry, but outside the brewhouse, these four luminaries live as passionately as they work.

Clean Eating
Healthy On-the-Go. September 2015.
Are takeout meals putting a strain on your wallet and your health? Be proactive and make your breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in advance, so you can just grab them and hit the road.


June New Titles

Sound & Vision
Ultra HD on the Mega-Cheap. October 2015.
Sound & Vision puts Vizio, the value leader in the HDTV market, to the test.

Truck Trend
2015 Off-Road Truck Buyer’s Guide. September / October 2015.
Thanks to the aftermarket, there are plenty of options for making your factory 4×4 pickup more trail-ready. Truck Trend rounds up all the off-road packages to show you what your options are.

Hot Rod
How To Race a Ford Cobra Jet Mustang. November 2015.
Hot Rod drives Ford’s Fast Mustang at an NHRA Stock Eliminator Race.

Boys’ Life
Mining on the Moon. September 2015.
How we could mine with robots, grow food, and even build a settlement on the moon.

Wine Enthusiast
40 Under 40. October 2015.
While countless young tastemakers strive for the slam dunk, here are the 40 influencing what you drink now.

Q&A with FLARE Editor-in-Chief Cameron Williamson

Take one look at Cameron Williamson’s Instagram or Twitter profile and it’s evident that life as FLARE Editor-in-Chief keeps you very busy with fashion shows, business trips and awards dinners.

So, when there is finally some downtime, what do you do? You read (more) magazines on Next Issue. Of course. We sat down with Cameron to get some quick reading tips for the weekend.


What’s your day job?

Editor-in-Chief of FLARE

What have you read lately that got you excited?

New York Magazine June 16-29, 2014: First Show, Last Show

In May, I spent a few days at the Cannes Film Festival and was fortunate enough to see the premiere of Saint Laurent, an engrossing new biopic about Yves Saint Laurent. This article in New York Magazine about a father and daughter photography duo that documented the designer’s illustrious 40-year career, including his first and last runway show, was totally fascinating.



FLARE July 2014: Sex, Lies and Selfies

FLARE is primarily a fashion and beauty publication, but in each issue we make sure to tackle serious topics, too. This story about revenge porn, or the “unlawful dissemination of private images,” will make you think twice about ever sexting someone a racy photo.




Bon Appétit July 2014: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Salad

Considering I don’t even own a barbecue, I spent a surprising amount of time clicking and swiping through this interactive feature about grilled veggies.





Maclean’s June 30 & July 7 2014: Coming Out, Again

During a week when World Pride is being celebrated in Toronto, it’s easy to think that gay rights are no longer an issue in Canada. However, after reading Maclean‘s columnist Emma Teitel’s piece about LGBT Baby Boomers fighting homophobia in Vancouver, I realized we still have a long way to go, even in this country.




What magazine do you read that would surprise your friends?

There are two, actually: Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. I have no idea what the articles are going on about, but they’re beautifully designed and look particularly good on a tablet.

How many magazines are in your library?

42. Although Architectural Digest and Dwell give me a serious case of house envy and Men’s Health and Men’s Journal make me feel like a lazy bastard, I still download them each month – along with the 38 other titles in my library.


#WeekendReads | Where Cute Animals Go Viral | Guest Curator | Oscar Reads | Hallucinogens In A Cup | Amazing Mechanics & Bacon (Again)


You know who loves magazines as much as we do?
 Jennifer Burke: Customer Relations & Marketing Manager at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Slots, Next Issue power user, and this week’s Community Picker. Three months into her subscription on the shiny new iPad she received for Christmas, and Jennifer’s already discovering tons of new magazines. See her top picks below, along with some from us about the Oscars, amazing mechanical thingys, and a lot more. 

Do you want to be a featured story-picker? Email us here. No experience necessary, just a passion for great stories.

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Next Issue Picks

The New Power Trip

Marie Claire

In our culture of downward-facing dog, juice fasts, and silent meditation retreats, a hard-core hallucinogen from the Amazon is fast becoming the next therapeutic fad. Look into the world of ayahuasca, and the women who swear it’s enlightenment in a cup.

The Best in Business Writing: Distant Lands


This edition (only available in digital) is a collection of excerpts from much longer articles published since 1930, with all the original layouts, photographs, illustrations and hand-drawn maps. It’s not so much a time capsule as it is a way of seeing how “Fortune” viewed the world many decades ago.

How to Command a Room


Knowing how to captivate an audience is an essential skill—and one that can be learned. Whether you’re directing volunteers, corralling family members, or angling for the corner office, here’s how to be the person worth listening to.

Where the Wild Things Go Viral


Do you like animals? Like, *really* like animals? Could you spend all your waking hours watching cat videos or, even better, working with a team of like-minded connoisseurs to determine which is objectively cuter—clips of a tiny jungle cat or of an impossibly adorable hippo? Then there is a job out there for you. You shall be known as the Beastmaster.

Community Picker | Jennifer Burke: Educated Foodie & Magazine Aficionado

Cleaning Up the Farm


With so many hidden chemicals and drugs in the food we eat, this article brings a researched approach to show that reducing or removing these practices is possible—and we will all be better off when it’s done.

A Change of Seasons


What a beautiful and inspiring article about a family-owned peach farm: Sharing the story of family roots, hard work, and growing your passion.

The Leadership Issue: Value Lessons


This article resonated with me in relation to my position and where I’m at within my career. It demonstrates what leaders need to consider to really make a difference within their organization to deliver positive customer experiences.

The Bacon Issue

Food Network Magazine

OMG! Bacon Issue. I don’t think I can isolate just one article. Bacon makes the ordinary extraordinary and this is proven in the recipe section, starting with chocolate bacon cupcakes. Yum.

Drones, Submarines & Automobiles

A Boy and His Drone


Camera-equipped flying robots have quickly become a staple of the adventure world, filming first ascents and nailing poachers. But that’s just the beginning. Affordable consumer drones will revolutionize how we experience the outdoors.

Flying Blind


Drones falling from the sky. Guided missiles swerving off-target. Communications blackout on the front lines. What will happen when the U.S. military loses control of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Audacious Tech


Space isn’t the only unexplored frontier. The “SeaOrbiter” is designed to help uncover the secrets of the abyss. The goal: Give the public a better understanding of how crucial the ocean is to Earth’s well-being.

How to Build the World's Fastest Car in 12 Tortuous Steps

Popular Mechanics

1. Break the sound barrier. 5. Build it like a fighter jet. 6. Get indestructible wheels. 7. Put a rocket on it. 9. Figure out how to get from 1050 to 0 mph. It’s part car, part airplane, part spaceship.

Everything Oscars

The Oscars Special

HELLO! Canada

All the nominations, Hollywood heroes, leading ladies, hottest parties, go-to designers, and fun facts. Basically, your comprehensive prep sheet for the big awards show.

What the Oscars Say About America

Esquire Weekly

“Despite the fact that the Oscars have now existed for 86 years, many still confuse them for a prize given to the year’s best films and actors and directors.” The 2014 Oscars: A celebration of gritted teeth and diminished expectations.

Winning Style


Stars share the thrill of awards season—and how they dress the part. Includes 360˚ views of gorgeous red carpet looks.

The Lady Vanishes


Every awards season prompts a flurry of articles asking whether the Oscars have a “woman problem.” And crunching the numbers shows women-centric films do win fewer Oscars.

New Issues

Country Living

Car & Driver

Sports Illustrated

#WeekendReads | Sports Illustrated 50th Swimsuit Issue & More Photos of Gorgeous People | Don’t-Miss Special Issues | Mayor Rob Ford & David Sedaris | 50 Most Innovative Companies

This week Sports Illustrated released their 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue. Fifty years—that’s an impressive milestone. And a whole lot of nearly naked ladies. You don’t want to miss it (or the three other new special issues, featured below).

Did you catch our Community Picks last week’s #WeekendReads? We’re all about building a community of avid readers who love to share the great stories they find. If you want to be a guest curator, email us and we’ll fill you in on the details. (Did we mention participation earns you a free Next Issue t-shirt? We prefer our community members to be in uniform, thank you.)

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Next Issue Picks

Pillow Tweets

W Magazine

Eye candy for men and women: A sleepily seductive slideshow of bed-ready celebrities, with the Twitter and Instagram handles to match, so you can get in on some serious social networking. Photos by @mertalas and @macpiggott.

The Shadow of Your Smile

Harper's BAZAAR

A fast and funny read from David Sedaris, who knows lighting is about mood, and much more. “I shared an apartment with a straight guy named Rusty, who was terrific in every respect except one: He liked overhead lights…”

The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies

Fast Company

The annual guide to the businesses that matter most: #1 Google (duh); #4 Dropbox; #10 Yelp; #28 Square; #39 GoPro; #44 iRobot. Plus, the 10 most innovative companies in the 10 hottest sectors.

Gyno Update: 4 Out of 5 Women Will Get HPV


If there was a shot to ward off cancer and STIs, you’d get it, right? Well, there is one…and hardly anybody seems to want it. “Cosmo” reports on what’s scaring women away from the HPV vaccine and answers all your questions on this super-common, super-confusing germ.

Interviews & Portraits

Tween Machine


Nickelodeon’s twisted genius, Dan Schneider, made Miranda Cosgrove, Jamie Lynn Spears, Ariana Grande, and Amanda Bynes stars. After a 20-year streak of hits (“All That,” “iCarly,” “Drake & Josh”), he’s facing competition from small-screen imitators and smartphones. Time to play.

Mayors of the Year: His Worship


You may have wondered how it is that Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has not been shamed from office. Here’s how. And why, he says, things are likely to get even uglier.

The Cute One


An essay by Molly Ringwald, the leading lady of “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Pretty in Pink,” and, surprisingly, the self-conscious redhead in a family of confident blue-eyed blondes. “One day, I snaked up the courage to ask my mother point-blank if she thought I was beautiful…’Molly, you’re cute.'”

He Ran These Streets

Running Times

Kevin Castille spent a decade selling crack cocaine before getting serious about running. Now, at age 41, he’s setting one record after the other. This is the unlikely making of America’s top masters runner.

DId You See These Special Issues?

The Legends: A Portfolio

Sports Illustrated

More than 20 cover models walked into a room…and all kinds of awesomeness broke out. Behold, for you will never see a collection of beautiful women like this in one place again. (And because this is the 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue, there are about 255 more pages just like this, but with less clothing.)

Cinema Tarantino: The Making of Pulp Fiction

Vanity Fair

Two decades ago, “Pulp Fiction” set off a cinematic revolution, changing the lives of John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Here’s how the job went down.

Wear This to That

Southern Living

This spring style guide is pure “Southern Living:” Nashville then and now, Hayden Panettiere’s floral frocks, beauty buys inspired by Reese Witherspoon, and, here, how to dress like a local at Nashville’s most iconic haunts.

Chapter 4: Updos


This is the ultimate hair guide. Blowouts, curls and waves, ponytails, braids, and wild styles—six chapters, 41 styles, and all the instructions you need to duplicate these looks. Our favorite: updos.

Go Do This

Vegan 101

Cooking Light

Tim Cebula, omnivore, switched to an all-plant diet with expert help from well-known vegan chefs. He went in growling, but came out crowing. And you could too—give it a go.

Navigator: Whale Watching

Coastal Living

Whale watching? Why not! Bring a camera, binoculars, and your sense of wonder to these six destinations where excitement is in large supply.

Almost Paradise


This spring, try a ride that results in giddy laughter, high fives, and well-earned beers at the bottom. Oakridge, Oregon has $500,000 in grant money, 320 miles of singletrack, and the hope that the business of mountain biking will help revive the one-time boomtown.


Family Circle

The Olympics bring out the flag-waving, Team USA-cheering amateur athlete in almost everyone. You watched the Winter Games on TV, but it’s easier than you’d think to experience the thrill of victory firsthand at one of these sporty cities. Bobsled ride, anyone?

New Issues



Community Picks: Bob Moll Likes Cars, Bourbon, Yoga & Budget Design


Our jobs are pretty cool here at Next Issue. Read a bunch of great magazines, find even more great stories, and share them with all of you. So cool, in fact, we think it’s a little selfish to restrict that privilege to just ourselves. So now, every so often, we’ll outsource this duty to others with a likewise passion for good reads.

To kick it off, we’re bringing in one of our kin at Next Issue: Bob Moll, Director of Publisher Integration (which is a shorthand way of saying he works with the content from magazine publishers to ensure it looks its absolute best in the app). He’s sharp, sarcastic, highly inquisitive and the most non-annoying chatterbox you’ll ever meet, qualifying him as the perfect pilot candidate for this new program.

We shared some of his picks in our most recent #WeekendReads, but here is his full, uncensored list and opinions on some stories that resounded with his life, his character, and his interests. Click through the slideshow and tap along in the app.

Happy reading!

Want to be a Community Picker and share your favorite reads, too? Email us.


#WeekendReads | Guest Curator | Bacon & Bourbon | Toys of the Future | The Murdoch Battle | Get Ready for Spring


This week, we’re trying something new. We’re relinquishing the reins of story selection to someone else (at least partially, we’re kind of control freaks), for a fresh perspective on our world of unlimited stories.

And we’re starting with one of our own employees, Bob Moll, Director of Publisher Integration. He’s sharp, sarcastic, highly inquisitive and the most non-annoying chatterbox you’ll ever meet, qualifying him as the perfect pilot candidate for this new program.

We hope you find his selection as intriguing as we did, and dedicate some time this long weekend to dig into his choices, as well as a few just-picked long reads, and our standard slew of awesome stories. (Check out all of his recommendations here. And if you want to be a featured story-picker, email us here.)

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

50 Bacon Appetizers

Food Network Magazine

“Whether they’ll admit it or not, everybody loves bacon. Even vegetarians. Vegans. They want bacon.” We agree with Ted Allen. Thus was born the bacon issue. Let’s start with 50 bacon starters.

Heir Force One

Town & Country

In 2005, Lachlan Murdoch walked away from a worldwide media empire that could have been his. Now, after nearly a decade of exile, power struggles, and near-catastrophic scandals, the firstborn son of Rupert is on the verge of claiming the News Corp. throne.

The School That Will Get You a Job


A new kind of education shows why four years of high school isn’t enough, and how a six-year high school can guarantee a diploma that works. Check out the digital bonus video, too.

101 Ways to Completely Transform Your Entire Cycling Life


Want to be a better cyclist? Just ride. Of course, one well-placed tip, trick, or nugget of wisdom can help you achieve something you might otherwise not learn for years. Here is a generous helping of tips from the most skilled and knowledgeable experts in the world.

Community Picks: Bob Moll Likes Cars, Bourbon, Yoga & Budget Design

The Billion-Dollar Bourbon Boom


Bourbon’s not my favorite distilled beer (that’s pretty much how I think of all that stuff that goes into making Whisk(e)y, Rye, Bourbon, etc.), but friends have introduced me to some great ones. Here’s the story of how the Bourbon business is now worth $8 billion globally, with a great cast of characters and some savvy marketing. Sláinte!

Inspiration Point

Yoga Journal

I’ve been practicing yoga for about nine years, however, the “plateau effect” that Sean Johnson mentions here is very real, and can reduce motivation and engagement. I found his meditations slowly helped me reconnect with my yoga practice. Highly recommended, even if you’ve only been practicing yoga for a shorter while. Not to mention some beautiful and inspiring art.

Modern World: Focus—Factory, Made


Ah “Dwell,” ye never fail to entice me with beautifully crafted and designed stuff, out of reach of the budget of mere mortals such as I. Maybe that’s why I have such affection for the story of two people building a home and design studio out of an old factory building. Favorite quote: “It works if you let yourself not try to fix it.” Confirmed.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness


Non-classics have a future. My current car is great, but it’s getting to the point where I might need to put some serious coin into keeping it presentable, so I’ve been considering fix-vs.-buy. I’m a firm believer in buying used cars (hey, I stimulate the economy in lots of other ways, cool your jets), so Jamie Kitman’s article about old cars that aren’t classics but are great cars with a track record checks all the right boxes.

Long Reads for the Long Weekend

Come Together

The New Yorker

Fiction: Revisit some of those all-consuming (for better or for worse) teenage emotions through Karl Ove’s story as he describes in vivid, immersive detail every fraught moment of his first relationship and first toe-curling kiss.

China Dreams

Travel + Leisure

In Hangzhou, under the spell of the lake, even the most driven person learns to be a little aimless, drinking cup after tiny cup of the region’s revered green tea. Discover sophisticated hotels, serene restaurants, and the quiet soul of the new China.

His Life in His Hands

Men's Fitness

Alex Honnold routinely climbs some of the world’s toughest mountains without a rope. He’s that confident. But is anybody really that good? Get to know the world’s most extreme climber.

The Future of Play


Imagine printing your own toys at home. Or watching your child have a one-on-one chat with her favorite TV character. These are just a few of the exciting changes that could be in your family’s future. Plus, 10 toys available now that will entertain, challenge, and thrill your child like never before.

Spring Sneak Peek

The Edited Life


Who says creativity has to be chaotic, and clean has to look boring? We peeked inside the homes of three creative women to steal their stylish clutter-conquering tips, just in time for spring cleaning.

Garden Know-How

Better Homes and Gardens

Tips and advice for everyone who loves to dig: What’s hot in flowers this year; new plants to love; and your spring to-do list.

True Blues


“Lucky’s” favorite style stars show off the chicest denim looks of the season. Like their style? Just tap the Twitter and Instagram icons to follow.

Spring Gear: The Best New Stuff of 2014

Men's Journal

Fifty tools and toys, including the latest, retro-inspired Jeep Wrangler; a device to ensure you never lose your luggage again; and an electric motorcycle that will take you 171 miles on one charge.

New Issues



New York Magazine

Rolling Stone

What Would Cupid Read?

Welcome to our new “What Would ___ Read?” series, where we channel the minds of public figures, politicians, celebrities, athletes, musicians, thinkers, long-dead heroes, famous fictitious beings, notable animals—perhaps even the occasional curious inanimate object—and with our secret procuring methods, provide you with their personal magazine reading list.

Note: Physical ability/mental capacity to read of whom/what we choose is irrelevant. As is the feasibility of owning a computer/tablet/smartphone.

With Valentine’s Day drawing ever nearer, we’re all curious to know what the winged god of desire, Cupid, is thinking about as he prepares for another annual round of strategic matchmaking.

Open up the app and tap along to see what Cupid is reading this week.



#WeekendReads | Interview With Obama | Grammy Prep | HBO’s Unlikely Power Couple: Lena Dunham & Adam Driver | T+L Design Awards

For music lovers: In harmony with the Grammys this Sunday, your rhythmic reading list below.
For the ladies: With a nod to empowerment and self-confidence, your can-do reading list below.
For design devotees: From architecture to home renovation to textiles, your carefully crafted reading list below.

For anyone with a love of magazines: A chance to discover something new, and your trusty weekend reading list below.

Happy reading!

To start reading any of the articles, simply open the Next Issue app on your iPad, Android tablet, Kindle, or Windows 8 device. Don’t have a digital subscription yet? Download the app here and get unlimited access FREE for 30 days.

Next Issue Picks

Going the Distance

The New Yorker

Obama’s Presidency is on the clock. The coming year is a marker, the final interval before the fight for succession becomes all-consuming. David Remnick’s revealing, rare-access account of the President’s early disappointments, current efforts, and future plans includes plenty of quotes from the President himself.

Cycling in Motor City

Canadian Business

A former disk jockey from Calgary moved to Detroit, built a bike factory, and found opportunity among the ruins. Like other recent transplants, he was lured by Detroit’s tattered tabula rasa, but can he create real jobs and real profit?

The Accidental Success of Adam Driver

Rolling Stone

Just as unlikely to be famous as this issue’s cover girl, Lorde, Adam Driver is now Hollywood’s oddest star. Learn how this alienated kid from a small town in the heartland achieved accidental stardom. (If you can’t get enough, see more Adam with his “Girls” co-star in “Vogue,” featured below.)

Fronds in High Places


Palm trees seem to signify one thing: laziness. No one calls a meeting to plan a hostile takeover under a palm tree. No one has ever said, “We settle this at high noon. Under the palm tree.” Here are five palms to admire—plus the palmiest, balmiest places to hike, bike, or bask among them this winter.


Grammy Insider


The world of music is covered here, starting with the “Essence” 2014 Black Woman in Music, Emeli Sandé, and continuing with details on a new wave of crooners, a flashback “Where are they now?” feature, and more.

Music: Where's the Beefs?


Lang Lang will perform alongside Metallica at this year’s Grammys, just one of several odd pairings. Where have all those great pop rivalries—rock vs. disco, East Coast vs. West—gone?

In the Beginning There Was a Nipple

ESPN The Magazine

In February 2004, 90 million people watching the Super Bowl halftime show saw Janet Jackson’s breast for 9/16 of a second and collectively lost their minds. Our culture would never be the same. (Part of a great sports-meets-music section in this issue.)

Hard Knock Life (The Ballad of Damon Dash)


He was the crown prince of the Bling Era, who turned his friend and partner Jay-Z into a superstar, signed Kanye West, and built a business empire. Then, he began to lose it all. Today, the 42-year-old Dash insists he’s right where he wants to be: hustling and hungry.

Ladies: Take Note

That Girl


Lena Dunham has brilliantly captured the anxieties and ambitions of a generation. Meet the hardest-working millennial in show business. And the must-see photos by Annie Leibovitz that sparked a bit of a Photoshop controversy.

Connections: Strings Attached

O, The Oprah Magazine

A year after their divorce, April Wilder and her ex-husband got tipsy, frisky, and—surprise—pregnant. That’s when things got really complicated.

Girls Who Like Girls


Cosmo celebrates all women—gay, straight, and everywhere in between. From debunking common lesbian myths to answering gay readers’ most pressing questions to a “What does it all mean?” quiz for those who’ve kissed a girl and liked it. Here’s to the ladies.

What Price Peace of Mind?


More and more women are choosing to have double mastectomies in hopes of lowering their risk of breast cancer. What have they gained? And what have they lost?

Alluring Architecture & Dramatic Design

Making Waves

Architectural Digest

Daring new buildings around the world. Whether a reimagined form or entirely new structure, these 10 great triumphs of contemporary architecture are sure to surprise, seduce, and inspire.

T+L Design Awards 2014

Travel + Leisure

A Norway steel bridge; a Long Island museum; a Bhutanese lodge; a suitcase, camera, and more. Innovative design makes travel better, and for the 10th annual competition, T+L’s distinguished jury chose the best of the year.

North Stars

Condé Nast Traveler

It’s minimalist yet warm, witty yet ingenious: Is it any wonder Scandinavian design has conquered the world? Come along with Kate Maxwell as she goes on a shopping trip through Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki to discover the newest (and greatest) products, furniture, and textiles.

Manhattan Beach Transfer


This issue is a tribute to possibility through thoughtful design choices, and the power of transformation in a variety of stages. We like this beachside beauty’s minimalist renovation, but be sure to check out the other three home features, each with those crucial and oh-so-satisfying before and after photos.

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