ICYMI: Growing up Biden, the Face of Fox News, and Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster.

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Talk about a triple threat! Jodie Foster, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts collab for the first time ever in their upcoming summer hit Money Monster.


"When Stars Align," Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016
“When Stars Align,” Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016

Has Megyn Kelly already won the 2016 election? And 11 other questions answered by the face of Fox News.

"12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly," TIME, May 23, 2016
“12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly,” TIME, May 23, 2016

The Supreme Court may be undecided on the ‘contraceptive mandate,’ but Marie Claire is unwavering in its pro-choice stance. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of their reproductive rights series.

"Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate," Marie Claire, June 2016
“Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate,” Marie Claire, June 2016

Step aside Gigi, is Bella the new “it” girl?

"BELLA," Elle, June 2016
“BELLA,” Elle, June 2016

In an exclusive interview with Popular MechanicsVice President Joe Biden and son Hunter discuss the tragic loss of  Beau Biden, the bond between the Veep and his kids, and what growing up Biden truly means. This is one of those stories that makes you want to hug your kids —or call you parents.

"One Unit, Right to the Very End," Popular Mechanics, June 2016
“One Unit, Right to the Very End,” Popular Mechanics, June 2016


8 Back-To-School Essentials That Earn An A+

Whether your summer flew by way too fast (students, we know the feeling), or you can’t wait for the kids to be out of the house (we’re looking at you, parents), back-to-school season is unavoidably here. It’s a time to craft brand new academic goals, a time to redefine your style, a time to reconnect with familiar faces, and a time to make new friends.

Next Issue is filled with inspiring ideas to kick the year off right. We’ve put together a few of the top back-to-school basics for grade A parents and kids of all ages. To explore these items and more in the Next Issue app, just tap (+) to add each title to your library.

Back To School for Students

1. Pack for success: The latest and greatest backpacks and lunch boxes, perfect for carrying homework, textbooks, and delicious snacks from A to B every day. Find these and more in the September 2014 issue of Parents, “Pack It Up, Pack It In.”

2. Rule the playground: What little kid doesn’t love bold colors, cute cartoons, and crazy prints? These essential rain boots, cool kicks, and containers, all from the comprehensive “Back-To-School Gear Guide” in Today’s Parent, September 2014, are sure to make a statement all the way from the cafeteria line to the swing set and beyond.

3. Take charge of technology: We’re tempted to try out the impressive Asus Transformer Book. It’s a convertible tablet, so it’s lightweight and easy to carry to class, and just as effective when it comes to typing that research paper. Best of all? It’s just one of 20+ back-to-school bests of tech in the August 2014 issue of PC Magazine.

4. Transform your look: If you’re a fan of all things preppy, the Lacoste L!ve letterman jacket just might be your ideal outerwear. See where to get it, and other fashion collections from edgy to feminine to refined in the August 2014 issue of Teen Vogue’s “Back To School Style Spree.”

Back To School for Parents

1. Help them rise & shine: Straight from other parents in the special “It Worked For Me!” feature of Parents, September 2014. The Pop Clocky alarm is ideal for deep sleepers. The head actually pops off and starts bouncing around until it’s placed back on its stand!

2. Keep them organized: FamilyFun, September 2014 is packed with “25 Genius Ideas For A Super School Year.” Our favorite? A mobile supply station, allowing little ones to take control of where they want to work, and keeping all their supplies close at hand.

3. Keep yourself organized: Another winner from Parents, September 2014. These special Post-It-Notes are designed to be recognized by the Evernote app. Just snap a pic of any note, and the app will know just where to save it.

4. Pack the most-envied lunches in the cafeteria: With the September 2014 issue of Today’s Parent, not only were we getting inspired by endless creative lunch options, we were getting a little hungry ourselves. Learn to make easy wraps, baked treats, and hot meals to last throughout the week. Oh, and don’t miss out on the interactive Bento box page. We designed the car-shaped bento meal in the photo ourselves!

Best of luck in the school year to come! To see all your back-to-school essentials in one place, just open up the Next Issue app.

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Tablet owners are smarter than everyone else (say tablet owners)

Posted by Anieca Ayler

This week we published the results of a survey conducted by Wakefield Research on our behalf about American news consumption. The perhaps surprising results have created significant buzz in the press, including mentions by Yahoo!, LA Times and CNBC.

Here are our favorite gems from the data:

  • 54% of Americans want to be seen as a “newsie” among their friends, and 37% have even pretended to know about a story to impress someone
  • 69% of tablet owners think they know more about current events than their friends, compared to 47% of non-tablet owners
  • 52% of tablet owners have pretended to know about a news story to impress someone
  • Nearly 1 in 3 men (32%) have cried over the death of a celebrity
  • 44% of women go to magazines for fashion inspiration rather than their friends
  • 58% of men spend more time reading about sports than playing them or exercising
  • 52% of Americans have based important financial decisions on something they’ve read

What does this data tell us? (Besides the proof that tablet owners are better, cooler and smarter than everyone else. And that one-third of men are cry babies.) The Yahoo! commenters write it off as junk, useless and an IQ-decreaserAnd Jane Wells’ opinion is made impossibly plain in her CNBC article with the rampant use of a highly effective literary tool called sarcasm.

Okay, so some of the stats might be on the light side, (except tablet owners being smarter than their friends—that’s obviously true), but there’s still an important lesson to be learned. People are hungry for news. We crave information. We want to know anything and everything, and as social beings, we are eager to share it all. We put a premium on news and information because we think it makes us better people, and the more gadgets we have to hold that limitless information in our hands (tablets included), the more news hungry we become. It’s a vicious cycle. Or a really good one.


Sure, people (read: tablet owners) may think they know more than they actually do, but we say—is that really a problem? Wouldn’t we rather be over-confident in our worldliness than having no interest, no desire and no knowledge at all? As long as we continue consuming as much information as our big heads can handle, who cares if we’re a little stuck-up about it?

So, while we don’t recommend fibbing to your friends that you know all what the Fed has been up to recently, we do encourage you to hoist up your tablet proudly and say, “Yes, I do fancy myself an information junkie, and I’m hungry for news.”

Here at Next Issue, we love content. We love digital magazines and we love our tablets. And we spend most of our waking hours pouring over these publications, creating our app because we believe our customers are just as hungry as we are. We can say from experience, no matter how many articles you read, no matter how much you think you know, you will always want more.

Tell us how #newshungry you are on Twitter, or Facebook.

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SXSW: Wired mag – mixing metrics and gut feel

Photo by Susan Portnoy


As magazines get entrenched in digital publishing, which metrics are important? At SXSW Interactive 2012, we attended a very interesting session with Wired magazine’s Executive Director of Analytics Chris Reynolds and Managing Editor Jacob Young. They talked about the need for data to inform decision making, but  also for the courage to abandon data.

Check out our article here: http://emediavitals.com/content/wired-mag-mixing-metrics-and-gut-feel 

SXSW: Rethinking touchscreen design (VIDEO)

Our coverage from SXSW Interactive 2012 continues. Check out the post from Josh Clark’s great session about designing for touchscreen devices. And make sure you watch the videos, where he gives advice to magazine and newspaper publishers.


SXSW: What users want from magazines on tablets (VIDEO)

Our coverage from SXSW Interactive 2012 continues. Head on over to emediavitals to watch our video interview with Liz Schimel from Meredith and Chris Wilkes from Hearst, talking about the challenges transitioning their magazines to tablets:


Coverage of Next Issue’s panel at SXSW – Digital vs. Print: Storyboard to Digital Delivery

Yesterday, Next Issue kicked off SXSW Interactive 2012 with a great panel discussion featuring execs from our publisher partners. Check out the full coverage of the panel at eMediavitals and look out for videos from the session coming soon as well as our full coverage of SXSW!

Keith Barraclough, CTO at Next Issue and moderator of the panel lines up with panelists Liz Schimel, CDO at Meredith, Joe Simon, CTO at Conde Nast, Perry Solomon, VP of Digital Business Development at Time Inc., and Chris Wilkes, VP of the App Lab at Hearst.

Want Your Significant Other to Spend More Money On You? Get Them a Tablet Pre-Christmas!

A new study commissioned by rich media marketing company ZMags says 87% of tablet owners plan to spend big bucks this holiday season. Almost half (44%) of all tablet users will spend an average of $325 per person this year on their loved ones; men being the bigger spenders. A whopping fifty-two percent of men in the survey said they’ll spend anywhere from $301-$500 on loved ones (compared to 37% of women who said the same thing). Cars, jewelry and electronics are  the most sought after gifts tablet shoppers planned to buy. Those who shop via tablet said it was mainly convenience of clicking from their couch but also cited impulse buying and the “excitement” they felt during the experience.

So grab a tablet pre-Christmas (We recommend one of the Android tablets compatible with the Next Issue app), plop it in your loved ones hand and let the magic happen.