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EARLY ACCESS: Read This Old House‘s Top 100 Best New Home Products 2015 right now, before it hits newsstands!TOH Top 100 products

Whether you’re planning a remodel or just looking for some new throw pillows, the options out there are endless. You could spend weeks picking bathroom fixtures, right? Enter This Old House, America’s long-trusted source for ideas, instructions and recommendations. The magazine’s editors have chosen the 100 best new home products this year, in seven categories: kitchen, bath, tools, home tech, outdoor, building products and finishing touches. From blenders to snowblowers, circular saws to chalk paint, TOH has you covered.

New York Mag 23andMeGet ready to spit into a tube: Genetic testing company 23andMe announced this week that it will partly resume…well, part of…its original mission: providing consumers with their own genetic health information. In 2013, the FDA ordered the company to stop selling its $99 “spit test,” which allowed customers to send in a saliva sample and receive detailed health and ancestry information. 23andMe will now be able to provide people with a smaller range of information—about diseases they could pass on to their children. Read about the company and founder Anne Wojcicki in New York.

Wired Serena WilliamsSerena Williams remembers what it’s like to be the odd person out in the field you love. There weren’t a lot of tennis players who looked like her when she was coming up the ranks—and she knows her experience is not unique. As guest editor of this month’s issue of Wired, she writes, “we need to see more women and people of different colors and nationalities in tech.” Read about the trailblazers who, like Serena, are working toward that goal.

Marie Claire date rape drugIt’s a nightmare scenario straight out of a movie: Woman goes out, woman sips drink, woman wakes up the next morning with no recollection of the sexual assault that has occurred. What could possibly make this worse? No legal recourse. Many victims of drug-facilitated sexual assault have no way of proving what happened to them, because the drugs leave their system quickly or standard toxicology tests are insufficient. Marie Claire investigates this disturbing issue.

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Today we bring you…

VF HillaryThe Debate: Hillary (5 stories)
In preparation for tonight’s first Democratic presidential debate, read up on the frontrunner’s platform, loyal advisers and complexities.

Tech Tuesdays (4 stories)
Discover apps for planning the perfect road trip, upping your oenophile game with wine info, and even plotting out your trick-or-treating path. Also, there’s a Halloween app for photobombing your kids with creepy ghouls. What will they think of next?!


Parents penicillin
Quick Reads: The Best Advice
(4 stories)
Even Dear Abby could learn a thing or two from these columns. Get advice on everything from sending late condolences to decorating a dining room to biking up a hill.

Health Checkup (5 stories)
We’ve all heard the horror stories of superbugs that don’t respond to antibiotics. Read up on the facts and what you can do to protect your family. Plus, vaccines you might need now.

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Search for iOS: A whole new way to find exactly what you’re looking for

We’re excited to announce Search and Top Stories, two iOS updates that make it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. 


With over 145 titles, including back issues, your Next Issue app is a giant treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. But that doesn’t mean it should be hard to discover a whole bundle of stories on a specific topic.

That’s where Search comes in. With the power of keyword recognition across the entire Next Issue catalog, stories on everything from recipes to travel destinations are no more than a tap away.

Just install the latest update from the App Store℠, tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, and try a couple searches to kick things off…

1) Start broad by exploring your interests, then add a filter for specific titles to search through


2) Keep up with the news by sorting for the Newest stories, or discover the top articles throughout time by sorting for Best Match


3) Get inspiration for everything from holidays and events to tonight’s dinner


And that’s just the beginning. The more you search, the more we’ll refine our results to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

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Update for iOS: Discover the Top Stories from your favorite titles

We’re excited to announce Search and Top Stories, two iOS updates making it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. 

top stories in favorites

With Top Stories—now included in your Favorites menu—we’ve made it super easy to access the biggest stories of the moment from the titles you love. Just head to Favorites, browse the Top Stories from your starred titles, and start reading with just one tap.

And if you’re feeling adventurous? Dive into the different categories to find Top stories in everything from Automotive to #WeekendReads (yep, the same stories hand-selected by the Next Issue team that hit your inbox every Saturday).

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App Update: introducing download manager for iOS

Raise your hand if you read magazines on your iPad or iPhone over the weekend. Notice anything new?

Just last week, we made it easier to manage your downloaded magazines with a new Downloads section in the app on iOS. Next time you download your favorite titles for offline reading, just tap Downloads in the menu to find them all in one place.

You can manage your download queue and easily remove read magazines from your device. (Don’t worry, you can always download them again).

Just head to the app store and install the latest update to check it out.


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iOS Update: Easier Access to Your Favorite Magazines

Introducing favorites and categories

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest app update for iPad and iPhone users. Existing users, just go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone and tap Updates to get the new features.

The video will give you a quick rundown; read on for more details on favorites and categories!

Easily Find Your Favorites:

Next Issue Favorites

All of the magazines you’ve previously added to your personal library now appear in Favorites. You can add to or change your Favorites as often as you want. You can choose to have your Favorites auto downloaded, and be notified by email or push notification when new issues are available—so your faves are always at your fingertips.

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PCWorld and Macworld Set the Pace for a Silicon Valley Summer

New Releases: PCWorld and Macworld

It seems the stars have aligned when it comes to our two newest releases: PCWorld and Macworld.

Just as thousands of developers arrived on scene for the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, we welcomed our first issue of Macworld to keep us ahead of the curve on all things Apple.

So far, the announcements unleashed at WWDC 2014 have centered on OS X Yosemite and iOS8 – updates we can’t wait to see reflected in the pages of Macworld in upcoming months. Until iOS8 is released to the public, the July issue of Macworld brings us “Beyond the Basics of iOS7, 64 tips to maximize our iPad® and iPhone® savvy. All the better for browsing through the latest issues of our favorite magazines.

And for Microsoft fans, we’re excited to offer product news with the addition of PCWorld, your source for all the latest PC and Windows tips, fixes, and trends. While the June issue touts Windows Phone 8.1 as a fierce competitor for iOS, the two new magazines are getting along just fine within our digital library.

Look out for some deep-diving product updates in the latest issues:

Articles from the latest issues of Macworld and PCWorld

“Wall-to-Wall Apple: How iOS Could Make Its Way Into Your Home”

Although we haven’t heard any specifics on Smarthome technology from Apple thus far, the company has been building mobile technologies poised to turn iOS into the hub of our homes. Learn more about Apple’s presence awareness, media automation, climate management, and health data in the July 2014 issue of Macworld.

“Battle of the digital assistants: Cortana, Siri, and Google Now”

In the budding space of digital assistants, neither Apple’s “Siri,” Google’s “Google Now,” nor Microsoft’s new “Cortana,” have mastered all there is to know about simplifying our lives. But which ranks best in a side-by-side feature test? Find out in the June 2014 issue of PCWorld.

Here’s to a summer of staying right on top of the tech game.

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Introducing New Features for iPad and iPhone

Our techies are working around the clock to bring you the best magazine app experience. Based on your feedback, we recently updated the app for iPad® and iPhone® with some great new features.

Here’s what’s new:

Support for Retina Display

In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see more and more interactive magazines with retina quality from  titles such as Esquire, Glamour, PC Magazine and Vanity Fair.

Save Pages

You can now save magazine pages to your iPad or iPhone. Perfect for storing recipes. Just tap on the Share icon at the top of the page you’d like to save.

Email Pages

You can also email pages directly from the app. Share your favorite pages with your friends.

iPhone Optimized Magazines

All our magazines are available on iPhone. But have you noticed that several magazines such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and MoneySense are optimized specifically for the iPhone app? When you’re on the go, it’s the perfect companion app to the tablet experience.

If you haven’t already updated the app, download it from the App Store. Not yet a subscriber? Try free for 30 days and get unlimited access to over 135 magazines.

Lots more features to come later this year. We would love your feedback. Send us an email or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

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#WeekendReads | Guest Curator | Bacon & Bourbon | Toys of the Future | The Murdoch Battle | Get Ready for Spring


This week, we’re trying something new. We’re relinquishing the reins of story selection to someone else (at least partially, we’re kind of control freaks), for a fresh perspective on our world of unlimited stories.

And we’re starting with one of our own employees, Bob Moll, Director of Publisher Integration. He’s sharp, sarcastic, highly inquisitive and the most non-annoying chatterbox you’ll ever meet, qualifying him as the perfect pilot candidate for this new program.

We hope you find his selection as intriguing as we did, and dedicate some time this long weekend to dig into his choices, as well as a few just-picked long reads, and our standard slew of awesome stories. (Check out all of his recommendations here. And if you want to be a featured story-picker, email us here.)

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

50 Bacon Appetizers

Food Network Magazine

“Whether they’ll admit it or not, everybody loves bacon. Even vegetarians. Vegans. They want bacon.” We agree with Ted Allen. Thus was born the bacon issue. Let’s start with 50 bacon starters.

Heir Force One

Town & Country

In 2005, Lachlan Murdoch walked away from a worldwide media empire that could have been his. Now, after nearly a decade of exile, power struggles, and near-catastrophic scandals, the firstborn son of Rupert is on the verge of claiming the News Corp. throne.

The School That Will Get You a Job


A new kind of education shows why four years of high school isn’t enough, and how a six-year high school can guarantee a diploma that works. Check out the digital bonus video, too.

101 Ways to Completely Transform Your Entire Cycling Life


Want to be a better cyclist? Just ride. Of course, one well-placed tip, trick, or nugget of wisdom can help you achieve something you might otherwise not learn for years. Here is a generous helping of tips from the most skilled and knowledgeable experts in the world.

Community Picks: Bob Moll Likes Cars, Bourbon, Yoga & Budget Design

The Billion-Dollar Bourbon Boom


Bourbon’s not my favorite distilled beer (that’s pretty much how I think of all that stuff that goes into making Whisk(e)y, Rye, Bourbon, etc.), but friends have introduced me to some great ones. Here’s the story of how the Bourbon business is now worth $8 billion globally, with a great cast of characters and some savvy marketing. Sláinte!

Inspiration Point

Yoga Journal

I’ve been practicing yoga for about nine years, however, the “plateau effect” that Sean Johnson mentions here is very real, and can reduce motivation and engagement. I found his meditations slowly helped me reconnect with my yoga practice. Highly recommended, even if you’ve only been practicing yoga for a shorter while. Not to mention some beautiful and inspiring art.

Modern World: Focus—Factory, Made


Ah “Dwell,” ye never fail to entice me with beautifully crafted and designed stuff, out of reach of the budget of mere mortals such as I. Maybe that’s why I have such affection for the story of two people building a home and design studio out of an old factory building. Favorite quote: “It works if you let yourself not try to fix it.” Confirmed.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness


Non-classics have a future. My current car is great, but it’s getting to the point where I might need to put some serious coin into keeping it presentable, so I’ve been considering fix-vs.-buy. I’m a firm believer in buying used cars (hey, I stimulate the economy in lots of other ways, cool your jets), so Jamie Kitman’s article about old cars that aren’t classics but are great cars with a track record checks all the right boxes.

Long Reads for the Long Weekend

Come Together

The New Yorker

Fiction: Revisit some of those all-consuming (for better or for worse) teenage emotions through Karl Ove’s story as he describes in vivid, immersive detail every fraught moment of his first relationship and first toe-curling kiss.

China Dreams

Travel + Leisure

In Hangzhou, under the spell of the lake, even the most driven person learns to be a little aimless, drinking cup after tiny cup of the region’s revered green tea. Discover sophisticated hotels, serene restaurants, and the quiet soul of the new China.

His Life in His Hands

Men's Fitness

Alex Honnold routinely climbs some of the world’s toughest mountains without a rope. He’s that confident. But is anybody really that good? Get to know the world’s most extreme climber.

The Future of Play


Imagine printing your own toys at home. Or watching your child have a one-on-one chat with her favorite TV character. These are just a few of the exciting changes that could be in your family’s future. Plus, 10 toys available now that will entertain, challenge, and thrill your child like never before.

Spring Sneak Peek

The Edited Life


Who says creativity has to be chaotic, and clean has to look boring? We peeked inside the homes of three creative women to steal their stylish clutter-conquering tips, just in time for spring cleaning.

Garden Know-How

Better Homes and Gardens

Tips and advice for everyone who loves to dig: What’s hot in flowers this year; new plants to love; and your spring to-do list.

True Blues


“Lucky’s” favorite style stars show off the chicest denim looks of the season. Like their style? Just tap the Twitter and Instagram icons to follow.

Spring Gear: The Best New Stuff of 2014

Men's Journal

Fifty tools and toys, including the latest, retro-inspired Jeep Wrangler; a device to ensure you never lose your luggage again; and an electric motorcycle that will take you 171 miles on one charge.

New Issues



New York Magazine

Rolling Stone

#WeekendReads | Interview With Obama | Grammy Prep | HBO’s Unlikely Power Couple: Lena Dunham & Adam Driver | T+L Design Awards

For music lovers: In harmony with the Grammys this Sunday, your rhythmic reading list below.
For the ladies: With a nod to empowerment and self-confidence, your can-do reading list below.
For design devotees: From architecture to home renovation to textiles, your carefully crafted reading list below.

For anyone with a love of magazines: A chance to discover something new, and your trusty weekend reading list below.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Going the Distance

The New Yorker

Obama’s Presidency is on the clock. The coming year is a marker, the final interval before the fight for succession becomes all-consuming. David Remnick’s revealing, rare-access account of the President’s early disappointments, current efforts, and future plans includes plenty of quotes from the President himself.

Cycling in Motor City

Canadian Business

A former disk jockey from Calgary moved to Detroit, built a bike factory, and found opportunity among the ruins. Like other recent transplants, he was lured by Detroit’s tattered tabula rasa, but can he create real jobs and real profit?

The Accidental Success of Adam Driver

Rolling Stone

Just as unlikely to be famous as this issue’s cover girl, Lorde, Adam Driver is now Hollywood’s oddest star. Learn how this alienated kid from a small town in the heartland achieved accidental stardom. (If you can’t get enough, see more Adam with his “Girls” co-star in “Vogue,” featured below.)

Fronds in High Places


Palm trees seem to signify one thing: laziness. No one calls a meeting to plan a hostile takeover under a palm tree. No one has ever said, “We settle this at high noon. Under the palm tree.” Here are five palms to admire—plus the palmiest, balmiest places to hike, bike, or bask among them this winter.


Grammy Insider


The world of music is covered here, starting with the “Essence” 2014 Black Woman in Music, Emeli Sandé, and continuing with details on a new wave of crooners, a flashback “Where are they now?” feature, and more.

Music: Where's the Beefs?


Lang Lang will perform alongside Metallica at this year’s Grammys, just one of several odd pairings. Where have all those great pop rivalries—rock vs. disco, East Coast vs. West—gone?

In the Beginning There Was a Nipple

ESPN The Magazine

In February 2004, 90 million people watching the Super Bowl halftime show saw Janet Jackson’s breast for 9/16 of a second and collectively lost their minds. Our culture would never be the same. (Part of a great sports-meets-music section in this issue.)

Hard Knock Life (The Ballad of Damon Dash)


He was the crown prince of the Bling Era, who turned his friend and partner Jay-Z into a superstar, signed Kanye West, and built a business empire. Then, he began to lose it all. Today, the 42-year-old Dash insists he’s right where he wants to be: hustling and hungry.

Ladies: Take Note

That Girl


Lena Dunham has brilliantly captured the anxieties and ambitions of a generation. Meet the hardest-working millennial in show business. And the must-see photos by Annie Leibovitz that sparked a bit of a Photoshop controversy.

Connections: Strings Attached

O, The Oprah Magazine

A year after their divorce, April Wilder and her ex-husband got tipsy, frisky, and—surprise—pregnant. That’s when things got really complicated.

Girls Who Like Girls


Cosmo celebrates all women—gay, straight, and everywhere in between. From debunking common lesbian myths to answering gay readers’ most pressing questions to a “What does it all mean?” quiz for those who’ve kissed a girl and liked it. Here’s to the ladies.

What Price Peace of Mind?


More and more women are choosing to have double mastectomies in hopes of lowering their risk of breast cancer. What have they gained? And what have they lost?

Alluring Architecture & Dramatic Design

Making Waves

Architectural Digest

Daring new buildings around the world. Whether a reimagined form or entirely new structure, these 10 great triumphs of contemporary architecture are sure to surprise, seduce, and inspire.

T+L Design Awards 2014

Travel + Leisure

A Norway steel bridge; a Long Island museum; a Bhutanese lodge; a suitcase, camera, and more. Innovative design makes travel better, and for the 10th annual competition, T+L’s distinguished jury chose the best of the year.

North Stars

Condé Nast Traveler

It’s minimalist yet warm, witty yet ingenious: Is it any wonder Scandinavian design has conquered the world? Come along with Kate Maxwell as she goes on a shopping trip through Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki to discover the newest (and greatest) products, furniture, and textiles.

Manhattan Beach Transfer


This issue is a tribute to possibility through thoughtful design choices, and the power of transformation in a variety of stages. We like this beachside beauty’s minimalist renovation, but be sure to check out the other three home features, each with those crucial and oh-so-satisfying before and after photos.

New Issues

Bon Appétit

Esquire Weekly