Binge-reading. It’s about to be a thing.

Make 2016 the year that you read everything. From celebrity bombshells to food trends, we’re making it easier than ever to stay well-informed all year long.

We’ve chosen eight trending stories to start with, including PC Magazine‘s big predictions for the year ahead, and Self‘s survey of how women really feel about their bodies.

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Tech of the Year (Ahead)

PC Magazine

Want to know what the future holds for technology? Here’s a glimpse at the advancements from 2015 that are most likely to share the technology landscape in 2016.

The Challenger: 30 Years Later

Popular Mechanics

It was supposed to be one of the greatest achievements in the history of the United States space program. In an instant, it became an American tragedy.

Early Access: Grease Lightning

Vanity Fair

As Fox broadcasts a live-event version, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing, and other cast members take Vanity Fair behind the scenes of Grease.

The Day-Off Diet

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Dr. Oz’s exclusive weight-loss plan includes tasty meals and snacks, built-in breaks and totally achievable goals.

Brain Trust: Will Smith

Sports Illustrated

In Concussion, Will Smith shines a light on football’s darkest corner and the future of America’s game.

Make This Your Best Travel Year Yet


Ready to wander in Portugal? Recharge in Tasmania? Road trip through the Southwest? This year, don’t let any vacation time go to waste.

The Junkie with the White Picket Fence


A new heroin scourge has risen out of the ruins of the 2000s opioid craze…. It’s no longer confined to the seedy alleyways of the nation’s big cities.

What Women Really Think About Their Bodies


In the social media age, is our body image better than it used to be? The answer is more complicated than you may think.

Today’s Highlights: World AIDS Day | Your Holiday HQ | Early Access: Where to Go in 2016

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Honoring World AIDS Day

34 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and every year since 1988, December 1 has been a day of mourning and reflection over lives lost and hope for the future. Today, we honor this day with powerful stories on those living with the virus and potential cures. Start with “The Man Who Could Not Get Aids” from New York Magazine, then explore the rest in your the ‘World AIDS Day’ collection on the Highlights page.


Welcome to Your Holiday Headquarters

Can you believe it’s December already? Though the year seemed to fly by, we’re here to make sure you’re ready for everything from gifting to baking to decorating and more. Explore the Holiday Headquarters from the Categories section of your Texture app. Today’s featured story: ’30 Holiday Cookie Hacks’ from Rachael Ray Every Day.


Early Access: Where to Go in 2016

Listen up, travel junkies. These are the 16 buzziest destination you need to know next year, including France’s new capital of culture, a revived Hawaiian hideaway, and Mexico’s next great arts city. Get the Travel + Leisure list early in Texture.

New & Noteworthy Stories, by the Numbers

1File Oct 27, 2 38 50 PM0,000,000

The dollar amount that Katy Perry will pay in cash for the $14.5 million purchase of an 8-acre estate in Los Angeles if she prevails in a legal battle involving a dwindling religious order, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, a restaurateur in remission from late-stage cancer, and, yes, five aging nuns. The nuns say the pop star “represents everything we don’t believe in,” writes Billboard in this week’s issue. They would prefer to sell the property to nightlife impresario and restaurant owner Dana Hollister, who is willing to pay $15.5 million and plans to turn the compound into a hotel. Read all about it.

File Oct 27, 2 40 08 PM36

The duration of time, in seconds, during which broadcaster Dick Stockton remained silent after Red Sox player Carlton Fiske’s epic, once-in-a-lifetime walkoff home run, which ended Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. Sports Illustrated explores the significance of that play—and that game—both for Major League Baseball and for the relationship between sports and television. Just before his silence, Stockton uttered the now-famous words, “There it goes! A long drive…. If it stays fair…. Home run!” Even now, decades later, he tells the magazine, he cannot walk through an airport without someone recognizing him and repeating those words to him.

File Oct 27, 2 50 14 PM1,000,000

The number of refugees, mostly Syrian, that Germany will welcome by the end of the year. In a break with other European Union countries, Germany believes that Middle Eastern migrants present an opportunity, rather than a crisis. Fortune explores the possibility that an influx of refugees could actually bring significant economic growth to the countries that take them in, rather than drain resources. “If we manage to quickly train those that come to us and get them into work, said Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice chancellor, “then we will solve one of our biggest problems for the economic future of our country: the skills shortage.”

File Oct 27, 2 39 30 PM20

The distance, in miles, over which a polar bear can pick up the scent of a seal. These Arctic carnivores need to be really, really good at tracking down food, because they live in a bitterly cold environment. They also can have up to four inches of fat—covered by two layers of fur—to help keep them warm in winter! Learn more amazing animal facts like these in National Geographic Kids look at The 20 Cutest Animals of All Time. Cutest photo: sea otter floating on its back. Cutest fact: Male emperor penguins huddle together by the hundreds for warmth—and regularly rotate so each penguin gets a turn in the toasty middle. Awwwwwww.

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Saturday in New & Noteworthy Stories

GQ Robert Bales“Bales got out of bed and dressed. He put on a green T-shirt; camo pants, boots, and gloves; and a combat helmet equipped with night-vision goggles. He loaded up with his Heckler & Koch nine-millimeter pistol and his M4 rifle.” -Brendan Vaughan, in GQ

In 2012, U.S. Staff Sergeant Robert Bales murdered 16 Afghan citizens, including several children, in their homes. His horrid crime has been called the worst American wartime atrocity in generations. He speaks for the first time, to Brendan Vaughan at GQ, about his actions and how his life came to that moment. A gripping read that explores the far-reaching effects of violence and war—and what it means to be an American man and soldier in our day—this story resonates deeply.

Wired Get Up Stand Up

Technology has played a role in the Civil Rights Movement since the use of WATS lines in the 1960s—phone numbers that bypassed switchboard operators, who would most likely not be on the side of the cause. Today, #BlackLivesMatter was born in the heart of social media, and continues to use modern tools to press forward. Bijan Stephen discusses the relationship of tech and social change in Wired.

Men's Fitness Adventures 2016Another beach vacation? Yawn. Maybe it’s time to try something new: Men’s Fitness has a list of “outsized adventures” for 2016. From relatively tame endeavors like, you know, diving with Caribbean reef sharks and 200-lb. grouper off the coast of Cuba, to the 162-mile grueling trail run around the peak of Kilimanjaro, there’s something for everyone with a little bit of grit.

Women's Health groceriesTired of going to three grocery stores to find the healthiest and most convenient products at the best prices? Read Women’s Health‘s list of Supermarket Stars 2015 for nutritionist-approved snacks, breakfast items, ingredients and more—all of which can be found at your local supermarket. Happy, healthy eating!

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Friday’s New & Noteworthy Stories

SI Odom

“…the Kardashians provided the family he’d never had, until he discovered that their dynamic was nearly as dysfunctional as his own.” -Lee Jenkins, Sports Illustrated

The life of Lamar Odom—who was recently found unconscious in a brothel and spent several days in a coma—has been laced with tragedy. His suffering became part of his narrative, as the famously friendly basketball player struggled to find stability. Read more in this week’s Sports Illustrated.

Macleans Trudeau 2“To chalk Justin Trudeau’s victory up to luck or nice hair sells him short, though it really is nice hair.” -Paul Wells

Read more about Trudeau’s sweeping victory—and Canada’s renewed focus on a positive, hopeful future—in “The Winner Takes It All” in the latest issue of Maclean’s.


RS Chris Rock“Obama is like the polio vaccine of racism—people still get polio and die, but there is a vaccine. They don’t have to get it.” -Chris Rock

Chris Rock has signed on to host the Academy Awards for the second time, and we couldn’t be more excited! Last year, the comedian and filmmaker talked to Rolling Stone about “sleepwalking” through life, racism, Kanye West vs. Jay Z, and turning 50. “Rich 50 is like 36,” he said.


Hello Rolls Royces“The Rolls-Royce collection is made up of 45 models manufactured over a period of more than 100 years. It’s alive—all the cars still work!” -Maria López-Tapia de la Vía

Miguel de la Vía had two intertwined passions in life: his medieval fort in the Basque region of Spain, and his world-class collection of classic cars. Read about Loizaga Tower—where he had played among the ruins as a child, and which he renovated and filled with his breathtaking collection, HELLO! Canada. The most important of his 75 cars is the Phantom IV, which was built in the 1950s and belonged to the emir of Kuwait.

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New & Noteworthy Stories for Saturday

The sexiest dragon mom alive, Gaga the giver and more in today’s New & Noteworthy

Emilia Clarke describes herself as “round and brown.” Esquire calls her the Sexiest Woman Alive. You decide for yourself as the Mother of Dragons graces the pages of the new issue…and dons a disguise to play a parlor game with total strangers.

How much can you accomplish in a year? More than you think, if Outside magazine has anything to say about it. Follow their 365-day bucket list to all manner of adventure, from swimming with school-bus-size whale sharks to sleeping in a hammock at the tippy top of an old-growth Douglas fir. Also on the list: Lock eyes with a gorilla. Gulp.


Billboard Elton Gaga 1When was the last time you played a song on repeat, because it just got to you? Now imagine that power transformed into action to help people around the world. Sounds like a stretch, but it’s not. Billboard profiles the top philanthropists in the music industry—like Elton John, Lady Gaga and Ludacris—who are using their influence to fight disease, help struggling teens and more.


Coveting a luscious leather club chair? Not sure whether to invest in that new distressed-oak dining room table? Check out HGTV Magazine‘s list of 50 Things You’ll Never Get Tired Of for some guidance and—let’s face it—retail validation.

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Sexiest Woman Alive


This Is How You Do It


Philanthropy 2015


50 Things You'll Never Get Tired Of

HGTV Magazine

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VF HillaryThe Debate: Hillary (5 stories)
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Parents penicillin
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Even Dear Abby could learn a thing or two from these columns. Get advice on everything from sending late condolences to decorating a dining room to biking up a hill.

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New & Noteworthy Today

The Cubs, America’s richest families, and Dancing‘s darling Bindi


In today’s New & Noteworthy stories, read about legacies—personal and political, civic and national, and, of course, baseball!

It’s been a long road for Chicago Cubs fans, but the reward is sweet! The Cubs earned a spot in the playoffs with their first postseason victory since 2003. One fan makes a Wrigley pilgrimage in Sports Illustrated.

Old money, new money, blue-chip money, tech money. This year’s Forbes 400 list offers a 360-degree look at where America’s fortunes fall, and how those fortunes are shared, guarded and perpetuated.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads a political dynasty—and carries the hopes and dreams of a generation of feminists who may or may not agree with her politics. It’s…complicated. Read more in Elle.

Times Square is more than the geographical heart of Manhattan, or a destination for some 39 million tourists annually—for generations, it has been a reflection of the tone and tenor of the city around it. A reflection in New York magazine.

Dancing with the Stars’ breakout champ Bindi Irwin—daughter of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, who died in 2006—dances in her father’s memory. She tells Us Weekly, “He lives in us with everything that we do. For me, I’m trying to carry on my dad’s legacy.”

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Wrigley Healed

Sports Illustrated

The Forbes 400


Hillary, C'est Moi


Times Square in the de Blasio Era

New York

Wonder from Down Under

Us Weekly

QUIZ: Which Fall Feature Fits Your Life?

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Which October cover star would you want to spend the day with? 

Gwyneth Paltrow (A)

Jimmy Fallon (B)

Lupita Nyong’o (D)

Anthony Bourdain (C)


What’s your favorite first sign of fall? 

Watching the Emmys close out award season (B)

Sipping on your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year (A)

Keeping up with the trends from New York Fashion Week (D)

Planning your holiday-season travels (C)


It’s Black Friday. What are you searching for?

A tablet, to keep yourself entertained on long-haul flights (C)

A widescreen HD TV, perfect for enjoying all the new TV shows that premiere in October (B)

The NutriBullet – you like to keep up with the latest kitchen gadgets (A)

Headphones that double up as a stylish accessory, as well as making your music sound great (D)


Where do you spend most time when it comes to social media?

Twitter, to live-tweet through your favorite shows (B)

Instagram, searching for style inspiration (D)

Pinterest, pinning recipes, table settings and entertaining ideas (A)

Facebook, clicking through friends’ vacation photos (C)


We say ‘Thanksgiving’, you think:

Holiday sales (D)

Pumpkin pie (A)

Weekend getaway (C)

Time to kick back and watch the parade (B)

You should read

Mostly As


Food is a big part of fall, especially for those who mostly picked As. We suggest the latest issue of Châtelaine for recipes that will make Thanksgiving easier than ever, including braided pie crusts and spiced pork tenderloin.

Mostly Bs

Entertainment Weekly

If you mostly picked Bs, chances are you’re a TV and film fan. So make sure to download Entertainment Weekly‘s biggest issue in nine years: it’s devoted entirely to new-season shows.

Mostly Cs


Travel addicts will have picked mostly Cs, and can join Sunset on a mile-by-mile journey through three of the West’s most exciting wine regions: Napa, Santa Barbara, and Southern Oregon.

Mostly Ds

Harper's Bazaar

Who doesn’t love fall fashion? If you picked mostly Ds, you’re probably already ahead of the new-season trends. But the Harper’s Bazaar Shopping Issue should serve as a stylish reminder.

Take the Trip of a Lifetime with T&L Journeys

T&L Journeys Cover
From Canada to India, Cuba to Croatia.

Does your idea of the perfect vacation involve zipping around Lake Como in a vintage Alfa Romeo?

Or maybe the only kind of traffic you want to encounter is a line of camels, trekking across the Sahara in Morocco.

For you fearlessly adventurous types, how about dropping 400 feet into the chimney of a dormant Icelandic volcano or spending 24 nights deep in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea?

These are just a handful of experiences on offer from T&L Journeys, a new series of 20 “tailor-made vacations” curated by Travel & Leisure editors in partnership with high-end travel company Black Tomato.

Read about all these trips and more (milking a mare in Mongolia, anyone?) in the latest issue of Travel & Leisure. Not a Next Issue subscriber yet? Start your free trial now.


Travel & Leisure

Stand nose-to-nose with the ancient statues of Easter Island.

Travel & Leisure

Hang with yak herders and ride horses with nomads.

Travel & Leisure

Shop for gold, frankincense and antique coins in the famed Muttrah souk.

Travel & Leisure

Architecture, art, fashion in Milan, and relaxed days at Lake Como.