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Amazing animal tricks! These talented creatures will wow you with their spectacular stunts. Animal Tales is a children’s animal and poster magazine perfect for animal-loving kids between the ages of six and twelve. It’s filled with heart-warming animal stories, articles that will educate, and an extensive fun and games section- plus a series of six collectible animal posters will be included in each issue. Take a look for yourself.

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About Animal Tales Magazine: Animal-loving kids between six and twelve years of age will dote on the

Animal-loving kids between six and twelve years of age will dote on the Animal Tales magazine, full of fun and pictures of their favorite animals. Featuring animal stories and educational articles that will transport young minds to the animal kingdom, this magazine will instantly strike a chord with the readers. What’s more, it includes a game series and six collectible posters with every issue. Encouraging interactivity, it allows readers to submit animal photos, artwork, and stories that will find a place in the future publications. The latest Animal Tales digital magazine issue is now available on the Texture Magazine App for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows 8 devices.

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