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Drop 43 lbs by Memorial Day. Belly Fat Goes First! Dr. Fred Pescatore Reveals The Tiny Diet Tweaks That Reprogram Your Metabolism. 81% Fewer Cravings in Just 48 Hours! Fast, easy, healthy! Stress Busters: Cheryl Ladd Spills The Secrets That Keep Her Looking and Felling Great at 65. Mmm.creamy wow! Turn Off Tiredness! Slim a Double Chin. You, Summer Beauty! These Swimsuits Subtract Inches. Bangs That Make You Younger. Light Shapers for Your Body Type. Star’s Dirty Little Secret to Slim! Sneaking Charcoal into their Smoothies!

Each issue of First for Women is packed with health and beauty tips, slimming secrets, delicious recipes, and more! Take a look for yourself.

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Spreading positivity around, First for Women magazine carries inspiring articles on nutrition, health, cooking fitness, beauty, family and home. The zeal it spreads to feel good from within, to look beautiful while embracing inner beauty, and loving everything that life brings, has won the magazine millions of readers. Read about topics you can easily relate to in your day to day lives and get to know about wonderful deals too. First for Women carries all tips to help you stay healthy, gorgeous, de-stressed, and fit with the right diet, style, and fitness tips. The latest First for Women digital magazine issue is now available on the Texture Magazine App for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows 8 devices.

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