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The Biggest Traitors of World History. When Sides Are Switched and Allegiances Betrayed Who Pays the Price? The Napoleon File: Did he sell out his people for a crown? The Kennedy File: What really prompted the murder of JFK? The Zuckerberg File: Was the Internet double-crossed? The Nefertiti File: Can one mortal betray 1,500 gods? the Mossad File: Did Israeli intel hire ex-ss officers? The Merkel File: Why are refugees really in Germany? Super-Forecasting: How to Hone Your Own Prediction Skills. The Ivory Game: A Global War Over “White Gold.” Extreme Research: Why Scientists from All Across the Globe Flock to the Lab of the Arctic. Painkillers: The Most Dangerous Drugs in the World. Fantastic Beasts, and Where to Find Them. Killer Inventions. Can Earth Run Out of Air? Volcanoes versus Earthquakes.

iD (Ideas & Discoveries) is an intriguing science and technology magazine that delves deep to help readers discover answers to questions about science, nature, psychology, history, current events and more. With captivating photography and design and engaging editorial content, iD will have readers thinking about the world around them in a whole new way. Take a look for yourself.

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iD Magazine satiates the appetite of curious readers who are keen on discovering answers to questions on science, history, psychology, nature, and more. Taking on the worldly facts from a whole new angle, this bi-monthly magazine showcases breathtaking photography and engaging editorial content. This revolutionary science magazine presents a wonderful amalgamation of graphics, content and photography to make the articles compelling for the readers. The latest iD digital magazine issue is now available on the Texture Magazine App for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows 8 devices.

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