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Train Smart, Eat Right, Be Strong. Strong & Lean, Get a Next Level Physique with Erin Stern. The Best Science-backed Dieting Advice. Injury-Proof Your Body, Expert Tips to Nix Pain Now. Build Your Best Body! What, When & How to Eat to Fuel Your Muscle. 18 Minutes Fat Blast. Plus! Improve Your Performance: 6 Supplements to Build Muscle, Burn Fat & Fight Aging. Your Perfect 7-Day Meal Plan.

This magazine is designed to inform, educate and inspire women of all ages about the joys and benefits of fitness, proper nutrition, health and resistance training. It will help you acquire a sound body and clear mind to achieve an energy-filled, stress-free lifestyle and empowered self-image. Take a look for yourself.

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Oxygen magazine has all tips for you to make positive lifestyle changes to get back in shape and be the proud owner of a sculpted figure. With the idea to empower, inform, educate and serve as inspiration for women irrespective of their age, this magazine has everything to help them tread the path to fitness, resistance training and nutrition. The latest Oxygen digital magazine issue is now available on the Texture Magazine App for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows 8 devices.

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