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For Your Consideration, Deadpool: Winner 3 Critics’ Choice Awards & 2 Golden Globe Nominations.

Variety Magazine is and always has been the most important and trusted provider of news and information for entertainment insiders. And, in this era of digital revolution in the media business, Variety is leading the conversation about the convergence of technology and entertainment. Trends are analyzed, big questions are posited and explored, projects are forecasted, deals are assessed, and film, television, theater, music, and digital media movers and shakers are interviewed in 48 beautifully designed issues each year. Take a look for yourself.

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Variety is a weekly American trade magazine offering good coverage to the entertainment and media industry. This publication is much followed by industry experts and it features breaking news from the world of entertainment, box office results, photo galleries, reviews, videos, cover stories, and more. This leading source of entertainment news and analytics makes you privy to innovative panel discussions, events attended by the effluent, leading film festivals, and more. The latest Variety digital magazine issue is now available on the Texture Magazine App for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows 8 devices.

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