Android™: My device meets the requirements for Texture by but Google Play says my device is not supported. How do I get Texture?

If your device meets the minimum requirements to run Texture but your device is identified as not being supported in Google Play, there may be specific technical reasons why your device was currently not listed.  For example, it has been found that some devices may in certain circumstances be more prone to presenting a "Please Wait" message or a "Force Close" message or other technical difficulties that may not provide an optimum user experience.

However, Texture is making the app available for side loading to provide users an opportunity to try Texture on their device.  It is important to note, that you may encounter some technical difficulties if your device was one that was not identified to be supported / compatible via Google Play.

The performance of the Texture app on such devices may not be ideal.  If you are prompted to "Force Close" or "Wait" during use, please choose "Wait".  This will allow the device the required time to process all the requests and to launch the application and/or magazine.   To minimize these messages:
 - Download magazines fully before reading
 - Download one magazine at a time
 - Do not perform other tasks in other Android apps in the background, such as video streaming or downloading data.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to improve the app on these devices.
In order to install the Texture application from this location onto your Android device, you will need to change one setting on your device to allow non-Google Play application installations.

Please perform the following steps:
 - Click the Settings button or go to: Android Applications Grid > Settings
 - On Android 4.1 and higher (Jelly Bean / Kitkat / Lollipop / Marshmallow), choose "Security"
 - Check the box that enables "Unknown sources: Allow installation of non-Google Play apps" or “installation of apps from unknown sources”. If you do not see this option, it has been disabled on your device, possibly by your carrier, and you will not be able to install the Texture app.
 - Exit Settings

Get App Here

Note: If you are unable to download the Texture App using your web browser, you may have a 3rd party application intercepting downloads of .apk files.  If this is the case, there are two possible solutions:
 - Email the Texture.apk installer to yourself and open the email using a dedicated email application (not the web browser)
 - Uninstall the interfering 3rd party application at: Android Settings > Apps / Applications > Manage Applications > Uninstall

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