iPad® User Guide: iOS 5, iOS 6

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Before you begin

Make sure your iPad is connected to the Internet (preferably Wi-Fi).

Device requirements

Texture is compatible with iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 and mini.

Texture.com has been tested with Macs and PCs and is compatible with recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


The User Guide provides you a hands-on tour of top features in the Texture app.

What Texture Provides

· One consistent experience: All titles in your personalized library are read through one easy-to-use app, with a common navigation method and consistent user interface throughout, so you can focus on the content and not how to use the app.

· Smart and automatic downloading: The app features two new download features called Smart Download and Automatic Download so large files and long download times don't get in the way of reading what you want right away.

· Carousel: The beautiful carousel experience allows you to visualize all the content available in the magazine and rapidly navigate through it.

· Background download: Tap on the lower-right corner of any magazine in the library to save it, i.e. keep it locally stored on your iPad.

· Storage management: Actively manage how many magazines the Texture app can hold by tapping on "Usage" in the settings menu.

· Enhancements: Get all the great interactive features of your favorite magazines including video, audio, slideshows, tap-to-reveal active elements, in-article scrolling, quizzes, and embedded web content.

Unlimited Plan options

For the first time ever, Texture allows customers to read any magazine they want for one low monthly price. No more keeping track of multiple subscriptions with different prices.

· There are two unlimited access plans: Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Premium.

· The Unlimited Basic plan ($9.99 per month) contains all magazines in our catalog, except for titles delivered weekly. Unlimited Premium ($14.99 per month) includes access to every magazine in the Texture catalog including weekly titles (such as Entertainment Weekly, People, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, and TIME).

· There is a free trial offered on our unlimited access plans. After the free trial, you are billed monthly on your credit/debit card.

NOTE: Sign up online, and then download the app from the iTunes App Store. All account transactions take place in the browser.

Guided Walkthrough

Part 1: The store

1. Go to http://www.texture.com/ in your desktop or iPad browser.

2. Click on any title to get additional details

3. Check out an issue preview and back issues.

4. Offers: At the top of the page you can click to watch a video about Texture. Then, choose one of the unlimited plans.

5. After you have signed up for an offer, you will be prompted to download the Texture app. If you have already downloaded the app, you can now close your Web browser and open the app.

Part 2: The personal library

1. When you open the app, tap on the "Sign In" button and log in with your Texture account. If you are not yet a Texture customer, go to http://www.texture.com to sign up.

2. A single personal library: Open the app and see your complete library. No more islands of apps for each title with different navigation and look and feel. Now you can browse, manage and read all your favorite magazines in one place.

3. If you have signed up for an unlimited plan, tap on the Plus button to add more magazines to your personal library. If you have not signed up for an Unlimited Plan, there will not be a button, instead you will have to go to Texture Website to look for and buy more titles.

4. For unlimited plan users, when you tap on the Plus button, you will be directed to the magazine selection page, which gives you an overview of all available magazines in Texture. Select as many as you'd like to add to your personal library as part of your unlimited plan and then tap "Done".

5. Your selections will now appear in your personal library.

6. Automatic Download: Tap on the auto download icon for any of the magazine titles to enable automatic downloading. If enabled, the app will automatically download the latest new issue of the magazine, when the app is open. Automatic downloads take place over Wi-Fi connections only. When a magazine is downloaded, you can enjoy it without being connected to the Internet. Tap the auto download icon again to disable automatic downloading.

7. Tap on a "stack" of titles (you will notice magazines shaded grey sticking out from behind the most current cover) to see all issues of that magazine available for you to read.


9. Tap on one of the downloaded magazines to open it. As with most rich digital media, you need a good Wi-Fi connection to enjoy all the features of the Texture app. You get the best experience if the magazine has been downloaded prior to opening it. A subtle orange progress bar will appear below the cover to indicate if a magazine is stored locally on the tablet.

10. With our new download features, you can also get started right away with magazines that have not been downloaded.

11. Smart Download: For magazines that have not yet been downloaded, the app instantly begins downloading individual pages the moment you tap on the cover, so the magazine can be opened quickly. When enough of the magazine has been downloaded, it will automatically open. Once inside, if you jump to a page while the magazine is still downloading, the page will be prioritized and immediately downloaded before any other pages. As the page is being downloaded, you will see a page thumbnail and the article title indicating what you are about to see.

Part 3: Reading magazines

1. Once you've opened a magazine, you can swipe from page to page or tap on each side of the page to go right or left. Within certain articles, you can scroll or swipe down. Look for navigational cues in each magazine.

2. Enhancements: Many magazines include enhancements. Tap on active elements throughout the magazine to jump to other pages inside the magazine, play videos, view slide shows and much more.

3. Pinch and zoom: Other magazines are high resolution PDF replicas with pinch and zoom capabilities.

4. Tap anywhere on the page that doesn't have interactive elements (such as video, photo galleries and some ads) to view the top and bottom navigation bars.

5. Tap on the section wheel to jump to any section in the magazine.

6. Carousel: Tap on the slider icon in the bottom navigation bar to enter the unique and beautiful carousel. No more getting lost when navigating. The carousel gives you a new way to rapidly navigate through a magazine, while seeing keywords and more information about each page. You can either drag the slider right or left or directly flip through the pages.

7. You can get back to the library by pressing in the top left corner.

Part 4: Saving, printing and sharing pages by email

To save, print or share pages:

1. Browse to the page you would like to act upon

2. Tap anywhere on the page that doesn't have interactive elements (such as video, photo galleries and some ads) to view the top and bottom navigation bars.

3. Click the Share () button in the top right corner of the screen. From there you will have the option to Mail, Save Image or Print.

Part 5: Other features

1. Storage Management: Tap on "Settings" in the top navigation bar, then tap "Usage". This feature lets you manage how many magazines you want the app to hold. You no longer have to worry about running out of space because of large magazine files. Set your limit once and forget about it. There are four different settings: Use less space, Standard use (recommended), Use more space, and Use maximum space.

Once you reach the storage limit you've set, the app will delete the "earliest read" content first to make space for the new issues. Don't worry, all your magazines are stored in the cloud, and you can always start reading them immediately again with the smart download features.

2. Background download: Tap on any issue in your library to save it to your iPad. This action downloads the entire issue and will keep it on the iPad until you delete it (by tapping the download button again).

3. You can manually delete individual issues or whole "stacks" of magazines by pressing and holding on a cover. After a few seconds a popup will appear prompting you to confirm deletion of the issue or stack.

4. Under settings you can also manage "Notifications". Check and uncheck if you want an email sent each time a new issue of your selected magazines is available.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to explore Texture. Now, with a single app and unlimited access plans, you can experience enhanced editions of the world's most popular magazines.

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