iPad & iPhone: Download times sometimes seem long. What can I do to optimize download performance?

  • Wi-Fi: Make sure you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.
  • Smart Download: Tap on any magazine cover to start our Smart Download feature. When enough of the magazine has been downloaded, it will automatically open. As you begin reading a page, the rest will download in the background. If you stop reading a magazine before the download is complete and then start downloading another magazine, the app will suspend the first download to start the second download.  The first download will resume after the second download is complete.
  • Auto Download: In the Texture app's Settings menu, tap Auto Download then select titles from your Favorites. The latest issue will always be ready to read on your device.
  • Background download: Tap the "..." button in the lower-right corner of any issue, then Download Issue to download it without opening the magazine.
  • Suspend Download: Downloading will be suspended if a) you close the app or it is running in the background, b) if your device Auto-locks and goes into standby. Downloading will resume when you open the app again.
  • Downloading Overnight: Should you wish to download several magazines overnight, first make sure your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is plugged into a power source and Auto-Lock is set to “Never” in the device settings menu.
    • iPad: ...then, simply save the magazines you’d like to download by tapping "···" or pressing and holding the cover of the issue, then choosing "Download Issue".
    • iPhone: ...then, simply save the magazines you’d like to download by swiping left and tapping "···" or pressing and holding on the cover of the issue, then choosing "Download Issue".

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