How do I manage my Texture subscription through Amazon?

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Q: I have questions about my Texture subscription in Amazon. How can I get help? 

A: Amazon’s Help page for digital subscriptions is here:

To contact Amazon’s customer service department, click the grey Contact Us button on the left side of the page. On the Contact Us page, select:

  1.      Digital Services in the “What can we help you with” section
  2.      Digital Subscription from the Issue dropdown list
  3.      Problem with a 3rd-Party Seller Subscription

    You can choose from Email, Phone or Chat customer service.


Q: How do I cancel my Texture subscription in Amazon?

A: Amazon outlines cancellation steps here:

Make sure you complete the cancellation steps and check your email for a cancellation confirmation. If you do not see one, contact Texture Support so we can check and assist if needed. 


Q: How do I restart my Texture subscription in Amazon? 

A: Amazon shows how to manage your subscriptions on this page:

If you already have a subscription purchased directly through you should not restart your Amazon subscription or you could end up being charged by both Amazon and Texture.


Q: How can I redeem a Texture gift subscription if I already have a subscription through Amazon?

A: You will first need to cancel your Texture subscription on (For help doing this, please see

Take note of the subscription “renewal date”, which is now the end date. On the following day, you will be able to redeem the gift subscription.

  1.      Visit our gift redemption page:
  2.      Enter your gift code into the Redeem field.
  3.      Click Redeem, then follow the steps to accept the Terms




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